Pharmalive Analyzes Oncology Drugs and Devices in Development

Bob Michaels

July 14, 2010

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Pharmalive Analyzes Oncology Drugs and Devices in Development

Canon Data Products Group and have announced the release of a new special report in their therapeutic category series "Oncology Review and Outlook 2010." This report provides professionals working in or serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries with analysis of the current oncology market, opportunities for growth, technology advancements, and more.

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the United States and the fastest-growing sector of the global pharmaceutical market. The opportunity to improve current oncology treatments is significant, since these medications, on average, are only 25% effective in the advanced disease setting. The urgent need for effective cancer diagnostics and treatments is forecasted to increase as the population ages. Because of oncology treatments' commercial potential, many major pharmaceutical companies are making significant investments. Presently, more than 800 drugs are under investigation for cancer.

"There were 1.5 million cases of new cancer during 2009, and the estimated yearly costs topped $228 billion," says Andrew Humphreys, editor in chief of Canon Data Products Group. "Roche markets the world's three best-selling oncology/cancer medicines. Meanwhile, many types and sizes of biopharmaceutical and biotechnology players are developing the next generation of products for this therapeutic area. The industry pipeline contains a huge arsenal of innovative drugs for the oncology setting, representing more than twice the total of any other disease category."

This PharmaLive report concentrates on the market leaders for oncology as well as the technologies and products in development that are anticipated to lead this disease area in years to come. This compilation's prescription-product pipeline details the following information for each medicine:

  • Chemical or substance composition

  • Intended indication

  • Class of drug

  • Clinical status

  • Region of development

  • Product developer/intended marketer

The pipeline status details preclinical development, Phase I through Phase III, and awaiting approval. Regions of development include the United States, Europe, and Japan. A directory of cancer prescription-drug developers and marketers is also included.

In addition, this report includes a listing of oncology medical device entries, sorted by device class, as well as a directory of medical device companies associated with this disease field.

This PharmaLive special report is available at

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