Digital benchtop dispenser

May 1, 2000

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Digital benchtop dispenser

Originally Published May 2000



Digital benchtop dispenser

A digital benchtop dispenser now features LED readout. The Portion-Aire PV-2000DT dispenses both low- and high-viscosity materials such as solvents, cyanoacrylates, RTV silicones, solder pastes, or any liquid, paste, or gel used in the production process. The unit has a countdown range of 99.9–00.0 or 9.99–0.00 seconds. It is easily adjustable by depressing an up-down arrow membrane switch to increase or decrease dispense time. In addition to the timed shot mode, the unit also has a manual mode for laying down glue lines. Glenmarc Manufacturing Inc., 25661 Hillview Ct., Mundelein, IL 60060.


Tabletop dispensing system

A tabletop dispensing system is designed for dispensing applications requiring a batch or dedicated process in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The Z-300 system features integrated start, stop, and emergency-stop buttons with a thumbwheel program selector and an integral air lockout/tagout device. The system incorporates closed-loop servo drives for both x- and y-axis motion and either a precision pneumatic slide or a new servo drive for z-axis movement. Dispense patterns are quickly taught using a "walk-and-teach" mode. Zmation Inc., P.O. Box 30776, Portland, OR 97294-3776.


Liquid fillers/dispensers

A volumetric liquid-filling system provides toolless disassembly, no drips, easy cleanup, fast and versatile filling, and simple changeover with 50 stored product recipe setups. The Servo/Fill benchtop liquid filler handles free-flowing or viscous products in volumes from 1/3 oz to 5 gal with accuracies to ±0.10%. The system is microprocessor controlled and equipped with a sanitary gear pump. In addition to the benchtop fillers, fully automatic multihead systems with up to 10 fill positions can be supplied. Oden Corp., 255 Great Arrow Ave., Buffalo, NY 14207.


Peristaltic pump dispenser

With a variable rotor speed of 120 rpm, a peristaltic pump dispenser provides a wide range of volumetric dispensing control of low-viscosity materials. The Model PPD-120 dispenses material directly from the material container. By eliminating the need to transfer the material from its original packaging, the risk of material contamination and operator contact is reduced. Dispensed amounts may be controlled manually or by the built-in timer. To prevent material from dripping between cycles, a suck-back feature automatically reverses the pump after the dispensing cycle. I&J Fisnar Inc., 2-07 Banta Pl., Fair Lawn, NJ 07410.


High-speed dispensing

The V-Dispenser is a high-speed, constant-volume dispensing system. It is designed for applications that require high-speed dispensing with short setup times and high tolerances. The unit's polymeric concrete cast table reduces vibrations. Abrasive materials such as EMI shielding and silicon seals can be dispensed from a servo dispensing head. Datron Dynamics Inc., 2398 Haines Rd., Unit 6, Mississauga, ON L4Y 1Y6, Canada.


Dispensers for on-line analyzers

A line of OEM precision dispensers is designed for use with the manufacturer's on-line analyzers. The Model STH, STQ, and RH dispensers integrate the company's patented valveless piston technology with precision stepper-motor control. The dispensers feature one moving part, a ceramic piston that rotates and reciprocates within a precision ceramic liner, and an inert fluid path of ceramic and fluorocarbon. Metering and dispensing accuracy is better than 1%. Fluid Metering Inc., 5 Aerial Way, Ste. 500, Syosset, NY 11791.


Dispense valve for adhesives

Designed for dispensing light-cure adhesives of low to medium viscosity, a valve provides high-resolution stroke adjustment for accuracy and repeatability, consistent flow, and bubble-free, dripless dispensing. The compact and lightweight Model 98009 dispense valve cleans easily without demounting. Loctite, 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.


Precision spray system

A precision spray system is well suited for applying lubricants used in medical device assembly. Typical applications include lubricating syringes with a fine film of oil before plungers are inserted, or spraying an even coating of grease on shafts and other mechanical parts. The system's spray valve features stainless-steel components and uses low-volume, low-pressure air to apply lubricants evenly and without overspray or dripping. Coatings can be applied either steadily or at timed intervals to match specific production requirements. EFD Inc., 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914-1378.


Adhesive dispenser and UV spot-curing lamp

Precise application and curing of adhesives is made possible by an adhesive dispenser and UV spot-curing lamp that have been integrated into one unit. The Light-Welder PC-3D accommodates 5-, 10-, or 30-ml adhesive syringes. Typical assembly applications include tube sets, luers, catheters, and syringes. Curing of the adhesive with a Light-Welder PC-3D occurs on demand, at the operator's discretion. Dymax Corp., 51 Greenwoods Rd., Torrington, CT 06790.


In-line mixer

A low-pressure in-line mixer for dispensing polyurethane foams and elastomers features disposable mix elements. Low-pressure processing can thus be accomplished without the use of solvent flushing. The ParaDyne mixer also has a nondrip feature that minimizes mixed material dripping during the indexing sequence on production lines. The technology uses a simple method to pull the mixed material back in the mixer between shots. A rugged two-component mix head uses servo, hydraulic, or air-driven motors. It weighs just 17 lb with a servo drive, thereby facilitating its use with motion control systems. Liquid Control Corp., 8400 Port Jackson Ave. N.W., North Canton, OH 44720.

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