Want to Win the Minnesota Medtech Week Innovation Prize?

Chris Newmarker

September 15, 2015

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Want to Win the Minnesota Medtech Week Innovation Prize?

We are hosting a contest to acknowledge the most innovative new products, services, and technologies developed by Minnesota Medtech Week exhibitors.

Chris Newmarker and Brian Buntz

UBM Canon is looking to identify the most innovative exhibitors at Minnesota Medtech Week, and give them the attention they deserve. The Minnesota Medtech Week Innovation Prize is a contest that will acknowledge the most innovative products, services, and technologies developed in recent years by exhibitors at the conference, held November 4-5 in Minneapolis.

Finalists in the contest will be honored at the show as well as on UBM Canon's industry-leading Qmed and MD+DI websites and newsletters. Finalists will also get included in an Innovation Prize tour at Minnesota Medtech Week that will attract more attendees to check out their technology at the event.

The winner will also be announced during the show and will be promoted in editorial coverage as well.

To enter, please complete the form found here by 5 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, October 14, 2015. 

Winning the Minnesota Medtech Week Innovation Prize pays benefits going forward: The company named the most innovative in the contest will receive a 22-inch-by-28-inch sign to display at Minnesota Medtech Week and future shows.

This is a chance to showcase the best your company has to offer in the design and manufacturing of medical devices, and get public recognition for it.

Here are the steps in the contest:

  • UBM Canon's editorial team will review each submission and designate 10 entrants as semi-finalists.

  • The editorial team will then ask our online audience to help select five finalists, which will be highlighted during an Innovation Prize Tour at Minnesota Medtech Week.

  • During the tour, a group of attendees will stop by the booth at a designated time to learn more about your firm's technology. After the tour is completed, the attendees will cast votes for the technology they think is the most innovative. In the event of a tie, our editorial team will help select a winner.

Eligibility and Requirements for Participation

The official rules are explained in detail on this page although here is a summary. Interested companies should:

  • Be a 2015 Minnesota Medtech Week exhibitor.

  • Have company operations in the United States or Canada.

  • Showcase an innovation developed between 2014 and the present relevant to the medical device industry.

  • Answer the required questions at the link provided in no more than 100 words each. Make sure to adequately state your case as to why your product, service, or technology is truly innovative, and to include an image (ideally less than 1 MB in size) and, if available, a video showing how the product works. (Note that the media you submit could be used in a future news story.)

  • Be willing to have their technology featured in a Innovation Tour at Minnesota Medtech Week, where a group of attendees stops by the booth to learn more about the relevant technology.

To enter, please complete the form found here by 5 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.

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