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Companies Join Forces to Solve Ventilator Issue

Article-Companies Join Forces to Solve Ventilator Issue

COVID-19 ventilator shortage
Here's how two suppliers — with the help of a third supplier — worked together to help a leading U.S. ventilator company substantially increase its production of a specialty valve at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A leading U.S. ventilator company approached Cygnus Manufacturing Company (CMC) at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic requesting expeditious assistance to substantially increase its production of a specialty valve in response to the country’s shortage of ventilators.

The ventilator company had a chrome-on-brass part which required measuring 31 datapoints after the part was manufactured and also after it was plated. Importantly, as a medical device manufacturer, they needed CMC to document all measurements. CMC currently manufactured this valve, but the substantial increase in required production volume in a compressed time frame necessitated a much faster and more automated measuring capability.

Saxonburg, PA-based CMC needed a precision optical instrument designed to scan and measure cylindrical parts in seconds, not minutes. So CMC turned to East Palestine, OH-based Inspection Technologies to identify a metrology solution for this emergency production. As a representative for Rochester, NY-based Optical Gaging Products (OGP), a leading vision metrology company, Inspection Technologies suggested a TurnCheck. OGP's TurnCheck is a precision optical instrument, equipped with system software that is both intelligent and intuitive.

Because CMC needed a solution immediately to ramp-up production, Inspection Technologies worked with OGP to expedite the TurnCheck order and production. OGP was able to fast-track the delivery.

“We were extremely pleased with the speed of OGP’s responsiveness and the high-quality performance of the TurnCheck system, allowing immediate increased ventilator production to help meet the country’s demand during this crisis, said Craig Harding, CEO of Cygnus Manufacturing Company.

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