Spotlight on IV Components and Connectors

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September 30, 2013

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Spotlight on IV Components and Connectors

Hypodermic needles

The B. Braun OEM Div. of B. Braun Medical Inc., an FDA-registered, ISO 13485-certified provider of contract manufacturing services and components for medical devices and custom kits, offers a line of bulk nonsterile hypodermic needles in a range of gauges and lengths. The needles have a smooth surface with a light silicone coating, and their sharp, tribeveled profile is designed to promote ease of penetration and minimize discomfort and pain. Their transparent luer-lock needle hubs help enhance visibility and facilitate flashback detection. Available as stand-alone components or integrated into a custom kit, the needles are color coded for easy identification. These bulk hypodermic needles are part of the manufacturer's portfolio of sterile and nonsterile syringes and sterile needles.
B. Braun OEM Div.
Bethlehem, PA

PVDF tubing connectors

Offered by Colder Products Co., the FitQuik line of quick-disconnect connectors for plastic tubing includes more than 100 options in PVDF as well as the previously existing configurations in nylon, polypropylene, and polycarbonate materials. PVDF is characterized by high levels of purity, chemical compatibility, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Fittings made from this material offer robustness and the ability to tolerate aggressive media and environments. Molded from Kynar 720, the PVDF fittings comply with the FDA 21 CFR 177.2510 requirements, are certified animal-free, and meet USP Class VI requirements. Designed for tubing sized from 1/16 to 3/8 in. OD and including a variety of threaded configurations, the precision-molded fittings, which are free of parting lines, are designed to ensure a secure, leak-free fit in demanding fluid-handling applications in medical diagnostics and analytical instrumentation.
Colder Products Co.
St. Paul, MN

IV-flow regulator

A device for regulating IV-fluid flow, part number 21293 from the stock OEM disposable component catalog of Qosina Corp., features an easy-turn ridged dial that facilitates accurate flow rate adjustment. Latex- and DEHP-free, the regulator is made of ivory-colored ABS and includes a clear silicone gasket. Clearly marked blue flow indicators, offering a measurement range of 5 to 250 ml/hr, help ensure a reliable infusion rate. This IV-flow regulator is designed for use with tubing that features dimensions of 0.118 in. ID and 0.161 in. OD. The device's microchannel distribution makes delivery precise at low flow rates and accommodates various fluids. The regulator is compatible with EtO and gamma-irradiation sterilization methods.
Qosina Corp.
Edgewood, NY

Anesthesia-catheter connector

Offered by Raumedic AG, in collaboration B. Braun, the reconfigured Perifix catheter connector for regional anesthesia now includes an ergonomically designed safety closure that clicks acoustically as well as haptically to indicate a firm and reliable junction between the catheter and the connector. The latter company, a producer of polymeric tubing, precision moldings, and catheters, fashioned the bottom part of the catheter connector using the two-component injection molding method. The part combines a hard base with a soft component made from a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer especially developed for this application. The connector now consists of three components rather than five, as before. Its redesign facilitates its handling and use by physicians and patients.
Raumedic AG
Helmbrechts, Germany

Medical-grade polypropylene connectors

LinkTech Couplings' polypropylene couplings are now available in Legacy Almond and Modern Cool Grey colors. These color combinations allow customers to choose their preferred coupling color, improving their device aesthetics. Both color combinations are available in 20PP Series (1/8-in. flow size) and 40PP Series (¼-in. flow size), are produced from animal-free medical grade polypropylene, and can be Gamma sterilized. With more than 300 different styles and configurations, the company offers couplings that are well suited for use on durable and disposable medical equipment and analytical devices. Its couplings interconnect with other similar thumb-latch couplings and are available in more than 1000 styles and configurations.

LinkTech Couplings
Ventura, CA

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