Motors and Motion Control Components

November 15, 2004

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Motors and Motion Control Components

Originally Published MPMN November 2004


Motors and Motion Control Components

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A series of ironless core, brushless linear motors produce up to 26 lb of peak force and have an overall width of 18 mm. The LEU motors are offered in two heights—the LEU-15 measures 15 mm and the LEU-30 is 30 mm. Coil sizes of 35, 65, and 95 mm are available. They are supported by four magnet channels in lengths of 60, 90, 150, and 300 mm. An ironless core design provides ultrasmooth motion since there are no iron winding laminations to produce cogging. The small coil and magnet track footprint makes the unit readily adaptable for moving coil or magnet stage designs to reduce cable loading and wear.
Rockwell Automation, Anorad Brand, Shirley, NY

Planetary gear reducer
A servo planetary gear reducer is designed for use with servomotors. The Able unit has a piloted modular input adaptor flange with an O-ring and compressible bushing, enabling mounting to any manufacturer’s servomotor. Three different backlash ratings are available. The product is grease lubricated for mounting in any position, is highly rigid, and IP64 rated. Shimpo Drives Inc., Itasca, IL

Stepper motor
A high-torque step motor has integrated electronics designed for durability and power. The true closed-loop system combines an ac 50-pole step motor, motion controller, drive amplifier, and feedback encoder in one package. ServoStep delivers continuous torque capability of up to 1000 oz-in., and a nominal speed of 2200 rpm. Motor protection includes software current limit, limit switch inputs, and built-in thermal protection. The unit uses standard NEMA mounts with an RS 485 port. Animatics Corp., Santa Clara, CA

Motion controller and networks
A motion controller uses a 466 MHz Motorola PowerPC processor for optimum flexibility and speed. The ZMP line features a 10 ¥ increase in processing power over the company’s earlier XMP version. The company’s SynqNet motion control networks provide a 100 Mbps synchronous real-time connection between motion controllers and torque drives, stepper drives, and input and output modules. The network also offers fault tolerance, real-time node data collection, firmware downloads, and wide vendor servo interoperability. Motion Engineering, Santa Barbara, CA

Compact actuator
A high-speed actuator is available in sizes of 20 and 26 mm. The SKR actuator has positioning accuracies of 0.020 mm, overall rail lengths from 159 to 370 mm, and stroke ranges of 41.5 to 69 to 141.5 to 219 mm. Engineered into the SKR is the company’s caged technology, which employs a synthetic resin cage with a patented curvature that cradle each ball and separates it from the next. The spaces between the rolling elements retain grease and act as a lubrication system for long-term, maintenance-free operation. THK America Inc., Schaumburg, IL

Motor technology
A compact motor technology combines a high-torque stepping motor with onboard electronics. MDrives are currently available with NEMA motor sizes 14, 17, 23, and 34, in a choice of stack lengths. Versions include microstepping, speed control with oscillator, and motion control with indexer. Encoder, linear actuator, planetary gearbox, and a rear knob for manual control are options for the units. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., Marlborough, CT

Integrated-drive dc motors
An addition to a company’s motor line expands the dynamic speed ratio to cover 70 to 3450 rpm. The BL58-EB adds bidirectional active braking capability. The unit measures 68 mm in diam, and 62 mm in length, and is rated at 35 W power output. The company says its service life is extremely long because of its rugged bearing system and the absence of brushes. Premotec BV, Dordrect, Netherlands

Brushless dc motors
Miniature brushless dc motors have integral speed control for use in a variety of medical applications. The 12 V dc LB16 produces 0.28 oz-in. of torque at 9500 rpm, with a continuous load range of 0 to 0.71 oz-in. A peak torque of 0.71 oz-in. at 0.8 A is available for start-up conditions. For variable-speed applications, the input voltage can be varied from 3.5 to 13.2 V dc. The motor measures 16 mm in diam, and 21 mm in length. The output shaft is 1.5 mm diam and 12 mm long. It weighs less than an ounce and the noise signature is 45 dba as measured 1 ft from the case. Nidec Copal USA Corp., Torrance, CA

A brushless dc gear motor offers extended life, high efficiency, and provides up to 300 in./lb of output torque over a variable speed range of 1 to 30 rpm. The heavy-duty gearbox is combined with a 2.25 in. double ball-bearing brushless motor that features ultraquiet operation and provides all the benefits of brush-type motors, without the limitations of brushes and commutators. Optional features include customized output shafts, integral controls, programmable dynamic braking for back drive resistance, various mounting options, and custom speed profiles. Merkle-Korff Industries Inc., Des Plaines, IL

Commutation encodermpmn0411p26j.jpg

A compact optical encoder combines two- and three-phase brushless motor commutation pulses and incremental position feedback. The low-profile RCML15 has a frequency response reaching 300 KHz. A built-in servo groove allows ±20 degrees of rotation of the encoder to align the commutation tracks with the motor poles. The unit features a patented slide and gap mechanism for ease of installation and maximum performance. It is available in a wide selection of resolutions up to 2048 lines and provides commutation for 4, 6, or 8-pole brushless motors. Renco Encoders Inc., Goleta, CA

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