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January 12, 2010

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Metal Components

Self-clinching fasteners


Produced for use in stainless-steel sheets as thin as 0.030 in., self-clinching fasteners allow for lighter and stronger designs, according to their manufacturer. The RoHS-compliant PEM fasteners can be fabricated from precipitation hardening-grade, 300-series, 400-series, or A286 stainless steels. Among their applications are the attachment and assembly of components for x-ray equipment and medical cabinets. In addition to fasteners, the company's self-clinching product line encompasses panel fasteners integrating captive screws for tool-only access to stainless-steel assemblies; thru-hole threaded and blind threaded standoffs for stacking or spacing components to or from stainless-steel panels; nonlocking and self-locking floating nuts to accommodate mating hole misalignment; fasteners for flush-mount attachment applications enabling permanent joining of two sheets with protrusions; flush-head studs; pins; and nuts.

Danboro, PA

Rotary shaft seals


Characterized by low friction and reduced power consumption, a series of rotary shaft seals can be used for general mechanical and high-speed rotating applications in medical devices. Turcon Varilip PDR seals feature a speed capability of up to
100 m/sec, operate within a temperature range from -60° to 200°C, and are
offered with various lip geometries and in various corrosion-resistant materials. The seals are constructed from one or multiple Turcon PTFE-based sealing elements, which are mechanically retained in a precision-machined metal body. This body provides a strong static seal against the housing, preventing thermal cycling, while the sealing element provides positive dynamic sealing on the shaft.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Fort Wayne, IN

Custom electroforms


A company's custom electroforms can be fabricated with diameters as small as 0.020 in. and with walls as thin as 0.0003 in. The thin-walled, lightweight components can be made from nickel, copper, implantable gold, silver, or a combination of materials. With uses such as molds, precision tubing, precision nozzles, and other rigid components for both invasive and noninvasive medical applications, the electroforms can be employed in medical products involving unusual shapes, tight tolerances, light weight, high strength, and ultrathin walls.

Servometer/PMG LLC
Cedar Grove, NJ

Miniature clamps


A company's miniature clamps are seal-assured to prevent cross contamination and leakage of contaminated fluid. The vibration-proof products are suitable for use on high-tech hose; tubing connections; endoscopic and videoscopic instruments; peristaltic and other types of medical pumps; blood and gas analyzers; dialysis equipment; and filtration, respiratory, and disposable applications. They can also be used for hose supply lines with chemical, ink, liquids, and gases. In addition, the company offers a variety of installation tools.

Oetiker Inc.
Marlette, MI

Needle valves


Constructed from phosphor bronze with a beryllium copper pin, a series of metal needle valves features a seven-turn adjustment and can be provided for in-line installation or panel mounting. The F-2822-series valve allows for precise flow control in medical instrumentation owing to the fine angle of the needle. Restricted in both directions, the flow is adjustable from zero to the equivalent flow of a 0.025-in. orifice. Available in two versions, the standard model has a pin angle of 6° with 10-64 threads; the fine-adjustment model has a pin angle of 4° with 10-80 threads.

Air Logic
Racine, WI

Fine-wire components


Complex fine-wire and tubing components for the medical device industry can be provided in an expedited manner through a company's two quick-turn service offerings. For orders up to 100 pieces, the manufacturer provides a FastTrack rapid prototyping service and such secondary services as single-taper grinding, pressing, flattening, wire forming, coating removal, miniature assemblies, and heat-treating. The company's FastLane program provides straight mandrels fabricated from stainless-steel, PTFE-coated stainless-steel, nitinol, Type 316 LVM stainless-steel, and parylene-coated Type 304 V stainless-steel wire. Components can be supplied in any length up to 73 in. and with wire diameters ranging in 0.001-in. increments from 0.003 to 0.125 in., depending on the material.

Wytech Industries Inc.
Rahway, NJ

Miniature compression springs


Combining high strength with corrosion resistance, a line of miniature compression springs is nonmagnetic and performs well in temperatures up to 850ºF. In order to withstand corrosive environments, Bantam springs are manufactured from Elgiloy, which demonstrates resistance to acetic acid, ammonium chloride, citric acid, sodium chloride, and sodium sulfite, for example. The stock components are offered with wire diameters ranging from 0.004 to 0.0055 in. and with outer diameters from 0.025 to 0.057 in. Medical applications include valves, inhalation devices, fluid-control devices, surgical instruments, anesthetic infusion devices, and diagnostic and monitoring devices.

Lee Spring
Brooklyn, NY

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