A Teardown of the Fitbit Flex

September 18, 2013

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A Teardown of the Fitbit Flex

The folks at iFixit dismantled Fitbit's latest fitness tracking device, the Fitbit Flex, to let anyone interested discover what is inside. Debuting in May of 2013, the device bills is billed as a wireless activity tracker and sleep wristband. The device works as a pedometer but also tracks calories burned and quality of sleep. Users can keep a virtual diary of their food consumption and weight via the company's website or apps. The device is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices and can sync with some Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S III, and Note II.  iOS devices including the iPhone 5, 4S, iPad 3rd generation and the iPad Mini are also supported as are PCs and Macs.

While iFixit describes its online teardowns as "Repair Manuals for Everything," they explain in their dissection of the Flex that the device is nearly impossible to repair. "It's well-nigh impossible to open the wristband without destroying it—so once the battery dies, so will the device."

Incidentally, Eric Doster, market development manager of Dozuki, a division of iFixit, will be doing a live teardown of the Fitbit Flex as well as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in a Tech Theater held October 15–16.

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