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What Healthcare Jobs Will We See in the Future?

Medical device innovations as well as emerging healthcare needs are helping create new roles in healthcare. Are you ready for a changing end-user?

Susan Shepard

November 19, 2021

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Synthetic Organ Designer? Cybersecurity Chief? Wellness Coach? These might not sound like common job titles you’ve heard before in healthcare, but they very well could be in the not-too-distant future, along with several others that MD+DI has identified in the following slides. For some of them, the future may already be here.

With medical device innovations evolving more rapidly than ever before, healthcare options that were once just dreams are now becoming reality. Healthcare systems, too, are evolving to meet new clinician and patient needs and to address emerging risks and requests. Manufacturers will need to take note of these new or growing areas when designing or updating their medical devices.

MD+DI also reached out to three industry experts, who gave their takes on these job categories.

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Susan Shepard

Susan Shepard is a freelance contributor to MD + DI.

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