Two Powerhouse Keynotes Set for BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley

Surbhi Sarna of Y-Combinator and Pearly Pandya of Axiom Space will be the keynote speakers.

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October 31, 2023

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BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley announced that executives from Axiom Space and Y-Combinator, will be the keynote speakers.

Keynote topics will address significant challenges in healthcare through entrepreneurial stories and ingenious problem-solving focused on two respective case studies of early-stage detection of ovarian cancer, to the manufacturing of biomedical devices in space.

Surbhi Sarna, engineer, entrepreneur, and partner at Y-Combinator and CEO, Founder of nVision, advocates and invests for innovation in healthcare. Sarna will discuss the origination of nVision and her personal journey from patient to pioneer, how nVision accomplished two FDA clearances and numerous clinical trials to develop the first-in-kind microcatheter for critical early-stage detection of ovarian cancer, a life-saving advancement in the research against the fifth most ranked disease in cancer-related deaths among women.

Pearly Pandya, In-Space Manufacturing and Biomedical Solutions at Axiom Space will detail the incredible insights and construction of the world’s first commercial space station, the successor to the International Space Station (ISS), where biomedical production and testing using microgravity as a platform will take place. Pandya will highlight findings such as retinal implants and fiber optics exclusively from Axiom Space which will be developed for use on Earth and in space. Axiom Space represents the next frontier for medical invention and the possibilities for advancement beyond the boundaries of Earth.

“The intersection of original discovery and creative technology use fuels modern healthcare transformation and these incredible presenting biomedical professionals have done just that –leading their respective industries to ground-breaking innovation,” said Adrienne Zepeda, BIOMEDevice Event Director, Informa Markets Engineering. “Both of these women push the boundaries for biomedical progress, improving efficiency and accessibility of vital solutions for patients. BIOMEDevice serves as the catalyst to foster the pivotal knowledge and expertise like this to continue to drive remarkable discovery forward, as well as empowering the people and makers behind them.”

Women make up only 34% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). BIOMEDevice provides an educational outlet showcasing a diverse and talented workforce and a platform to inspire more young women to pursue careers in science.

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