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The Value of Strong Corporate VisionThe Value of Strong Corporate Vision

Both Cook Group (Bloomington, IN) and Roche Diagnostics (Indianapolis) have pioneered cutting-edge technologies that have drastically changed the way healthcare is practiced in certain sectors. But what further sets them apart from their peers is a strong vision. For Roche Diagnostics, it manifests itself in corporate strategy. For Cook, it shows in the company’s attention to patient needs. Neither would have attained its success without a knack for envisioning future problems and figuring out transformative solutions for them. In honor of their strong vision, MD&DI has named Cook and Roche Diagnostics its 2006 Medical Manufacturers of the Year.

November 1, 2006

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The Value of Strong Corporate Vision



Part of the reason both companies have been able to create such strong visions is their attentiveness. Cook has engaged in a number of collaborations with universities and start-up companies, which are instrumental in starting the basic research on how to perform processes better. And from its founding, it has paid extraordinary attention to doctors in the field who describe problems and have ideas about how to fix them. Many times Cook has transformed a doctor's brief idea or design sketch into a successful product. Roche Diagnostics has become attuned to issues in diagnostics by forging relationships with a number of labs, putting together an advisory board of professionals in the field, and making a strong effort to sponsor workshops and conferences.


Cook's 1 million-sq-ft facility holds very big ideas with room to grow.

Another hallmark of both companies is their refusal to stay content with their current specialties. Cook started out making devices for interventional radiology and has branched off into a number of other areas, including urology, gastroenterology, and cardiology. It never turns down an opportunity just because it is not currently a player in that market. Roche Diagnostics has taken great care to broaden its expertise across diagnostics, and the firm is a major player in a variety of fields, from immunodiagnostics to clinical chemistry to molecular diagnostics.

It would not be a surprise at all if in 25 years, Cook and Roche Diagnostics were still considered among the most innovative and visionary companies in the device industry. Cook is at the forefront of the convergence between medical devices, biotechnology, cell and gene therapies, and pharmaceuticals. Roche Diagnostics is no stranger to convergence either, as it was the first to make pharmacogenetic diagnostics a reality. We think both firms have the vision, strategic breadth, and commitment to innovation to be considered among the very best that the device industry has to offer. After you read their stories on the following pages, we hope you agree.

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