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Microsoft Dives Deeper into Genomics with AI Collaboration

Article-Microsoft Dives Deeper into Genomics with AI Collaboration

Courtesy of Genoox Microsoft Dives Deeper into Genomics with AI Collaboration
The Redmond, WA-based company will partner with Genoox, which has developed a comprehensive cloud-based advanced framework for Next Generation DNA Sequencing.

Microsoft is looking to strengthen its commitment to genomics and is partnering with Genoox, a healthcare technology company, to accomplish this goal.

The collaboration will combine the performance of Microsoft Genomics’ Azure Cloud with Tel Aviv, Israel-based Genoox’s comprehensive cloud-based advanced framework for Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS). The companies said that the collaboration will advance the fields of genomics, healthcare and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and benefit clinicians and scientists who require rapid delivery of clinically actionable insights and disease diagnoses.

“Microsoft has developed their own platform and as part of the customizable solutions that Genoox offers, we are able to offer their pipeline in our platform,” Guy Harel, director of business for Genoox, told MD+DI. "[With this] eventually the users can use the Microsoft pipeline and from that go into our surgery analysis and reporting capabilities.”

Through the collaboration, the Microsoft Enterprise users will have full ability to query millions of data sources in near real time, yielding rapid translation of complex genetic data into specific, actionable insights that can be shared with the patient and, ultimately yield a swift diagnosis, according to Genoox. 

Genoox was founded in 2014 and uses machine learning algorithms for NGS to analyze large amounts of data.

“Our solutions are powered by algorithms that we’ve developed,” Harel said. “What these algorithms allow us to do is provide much more accurate insights using a wide base of information using public sources and historical samples. What this means is, we work with organizations looking to do their own genetic interpretations looking to bring these tests inhouse.”

Genoox raised about $6 million in a series A in 2017. The company went on to raise another $6 million in May of this year.

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