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December 1, 2006

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Industry Toppers

We love lists! Want to know which companies have the highest paid executives? Or how about which companies are best to work for? These lists exist and MD&DI has compiled them because we know you love lists too. We've scoured magazines, Web sites, awards ceremonies, and associations to bring you the top companies, people, and products in the medical device and diagnostic industry.








Highest paid CEOs in the industry for 2005. Source: Forbes magazine.


Assorted products made by W.L. Gore, named one of Forbes' top device companies to work for.

W.L. Gore and Associates


Alcon Laboratories


Top device companies to work for. Adapted from Forbes magazine. Figures are from 2005.

Rad-57 portable pulse CO-oximeter
Image-Guided Implantology system
OmniPod insulin management system
(also IDEA Gold winner)
Nucleus Freedom system
Afinion AS100 analyzer

CereTom mobile computed tomography scanner
Cleo 90 infusion set (also IDEA Silver winner)
E-Flow electronic nebulizer
360° Fascia Closure Device (also IDEA Silver award winner)

Rugged Power-Pro XT ambulance cot
DenLite DP5000 illuminated dental mirror
NanoCool controlled-temperature
shipping system
Cortrak feeding-tube placement system
CrossJect single-use needle-free
injection system
IVantage volumetric ambulatory
infusion system
Gynecare Prolift pelvic floor repair system
CellTracks analyzer II
IDI-MRSA assay

Swing breast pump
HD lower-leg array coil,
SureFlex laser lithotripsy fibers
Impact solar-powered hearing aid battery recharger
Inogen One oxygen concentrator system,
PassPort shielded trocar
SpineJet MicroResector
Straightshot M4 microdebrider


Fastest growing device and diagnostic companies, adapted from Fortune magazine. Revenue figures are from 2005.

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