Foster Receives ANTEC Best Paper Award

June 6, 2005

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Foster Receives ANTEC Best Paper Award

Originally Published MPMN June 2005


Foster Receives ANTEC Best Paper Award

Susan Wallace

Foster Corp. won The Society ofPlastic Engineers Best Paper award.

The Society of Plastic Engineers has awarded Foster Corp. (Putnam, CT; its ANTEC conference Best Paper award. The honor recognizes Foster’s development of new polymer technology and presentation of its findings in the Polymer Additives and Modifiers category during the 2004 peer-oriented conference.

Foster’s paper, “Flame Retarding Nylon 12 Elastomers Using Nanoclays as Char Forming Retardant,” concludes that nanoclay can be added to an otherwise non-flame-retardant nylon polymer to achieve a UL-94 rating at 1¼8-in. sample thickness. Nanoclays are platelet structures measuring less than a nanometer in thickness. They can be evenly dispersed throughout the polymer matrix with performance compounding. As a result, the flame-retardant properties increase with minor detrimental effects on physical properties.

According to a spokesperson for the ANTEC 2004 review committee, “Foster’s paper on flame-retarding nylon with nanoclay is a must read for all plastic technologists, especially those interested in flame-retarding polymers. The quality of the paper is excellent and consistent with previous Best Paper awards.”

Foster Corp. designs, develops, and delivers specialty polymer solutions for biomedical markets.

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