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June 1, 2000

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Originally Published June 2000




PTFE laminates

PTFE laminates provide protection and versatility for a broad range of medical venting and filtration applications. Gore-Tex laminates can be incorporated into transducer protectors, IV filters and spike vents, respiratory filters, and suction canisters. The manufacturer also offers Drylife vent laminates for urine and ostomy applications. These laminates help retard vent blockage by discouraging the adhesion of aggressive waste materials to the membrane surface. W. L. Gore & Associates, P.O. Box 1550, Elkton, MD 21922.


Filter converting

A company converts membranes to filters for medical applications. Typical filter materials include Norton Zitex (porous Teflon) and Pall membranes. The company has a Class 1000 cleanroom and a temperature-controlled, low-humidity dry room for particularly sensitive medical applications. It also provides color printing, slitting, laminating, and sheeting services. G & L Precision Die Cutting Inc., 1766 Junction Ave., San Jose, CA 95112.


IV filters

A specialty AEF infant IV filter is available in 0.2- to 1.2-µm versions. It is being offered as an upgrade to its predecessor, and the new design offers many clinical and manufacturing benefits. Dual venting allows for self-priming and repriming in any position. Set manufacturers may benefit by being able to choose from expanded connector options. Pall Medical, 600 S. Wagner, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.


Woven filtration materials

A supplier of precision-woven filtration materials offers a broad range of synthetic and wire-cloth fabrics. Many standard weave styles and surface-modification treatments are available. Materials offered include nylon, polyester, PEEK, polypropylene, polyethylene, fluorocarbons, stainless steel, and others. Mesh openings range in size from 1µm to 12.5 mm. Sefar America Inc., 111 Calumet St., Depew, NY 14043.


Miniature in-line screens

Fine stainless-steel wire screens can be used to protect small orifices and other critical components in gas or liquid flow systems. Miniature fittings contain screens that remove particles as small as 10 µm. These in-line miniature screen assemblies are available in 1/8-in. NPT, 1/4-in. NPT, and 10-32 straight threads. Body materials are brass or stainless steel. The screen assemblies are thoroughly cleaned to prevent inadvertent introduction of contaminants. O'Keefe Controls Co., P.O. Box Q, Trumbull, CT 06611.


Transfer and filter devices

A line of transfer and filter devices is suitable for a variety of fluid-transfer applications. Included is the Mini-Spike dispensing pin for preparing and dispensing diluent or additive from multidose rubber-stoppered vials. The Micro Chemo Pin with 0.2-µm hydrophobic air-venting filter prevents exposure to toxic fumes during drug reconstitution. Other products include filter needles, vented needles, double-ended transfer needles, air-venting filters, hydrophilic in-line cone filters, and filter hubs in a variety of configurations. Burron OEM Div., B. Braun Medical, P.O. Box 4027, Bethlehem, PA 18018.


Small-volume filters

A line of filters for small-volume filtration has been designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Filter diameters range from 4 to 33 mm. Several filter configurations and connector options are available, including many housing color tints. Female and male luer locks, male slip luers, male slip fitting connectors, and tube tips are offered. These filters can be labeled with a company logo or other important information in specific company colors. Whatman Inc., 401 W. Morgan Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108-9109.



Featuring a large 25.8-cm2 filter area, a microfilter allows high airflow with low resistance. A variety of filter media (ranging from 500 µm down to lessorequal.gif0.1 µm) can be used, including those with aerosol virus removal capability. Hydrophobic properties allow free passage of air while stopping fluids. Graduated hose barb connections (0.250–0.375 in.) are standard. A high-clarity plastic housing allows users to verify filter integrity, the presence of contamination, and when it is time to change the filter. Performance Systematix Inc., 8196 Broadmoor Ave. S.E., Caledonia, MI 49316.

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