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May 8, 2017

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Could Medtech Soon Face an Employee Exodus?

Almost three quarters of respondents to our poll said they would leave medtech for another industry. But where would they go?

Jamie Hartford

Last week, we looked at which industries offer higher salaries for engineers working in medtech and asked readers whether they would consider leaving the medical device and diagnostics business for greener pastures. Out of 54 respondents, almost three quarters (72%) said they would consider jumping ship for an industry other than medtech.

Where would they go?

Almost a quarter of respondents said they'd become consultants, a job they think could net them more money, allow them to live where they want to live, and offer more interesting work.

Nearly one in five respondents to our poll said they are tempted by the burgeoning renewable energy sector, which they believe offers better job prospects than medtech. Aerospace was also a popular choice. Just over 15% of respondents said they would choose that industry, citing more interesting work and higher earnings.

Other industries medtech employees would consider joining include the following:

  • Enterprise technology (7.69%) 

  • Government/defense (7.69%) 

  • Oil and gas (5.77%) 

  • Automotive (3.85%) 

  • Construction 3.85% 

  • Consumer Electronics (3.85%)

  • Pharma (3.85%)

The top reasons respondents cited for considering other industries include the following:

Jamie Hartford is director of content for medtech brands in UBM's Advanced Manufacturing Group. Reach her at [email protected].


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