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This issue of MX is a testament to the tremendous array of responsibilities borne by medical device executives. From location analysis and market development to risk mitigation and sales force oversight, company leaders are expected to possess a degree of expertise in a number of widely varied areas. in this issue provide essential information for executives looking to stay on top of all areas of their businesses.

Market Analysis


A medical device company's intellectual property portfolio is the essential foundation on which innovation is built. In "Medtech's Patent Scorecard", Scott Kratzer provides an in-depth look at the current intellectual property leaders in the medical device industry. Kratzer is vice president of consulting services for the Patent Board (Chicago), an intellectual property research and advisory services firm. He can be reached at 949/369-0214 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Business Planning & Technology Development




In "Harnessing International Opportunities"), three industry experts outline the opportunities and challenges that medtech manufacturers face in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Ames Gross, who provides an overview of the medtech market in India, is president and founder of Pacific Bridge Medical (Bethesda, MD), an independent consulting firm dedicated to assisting medical companies in Asia. He can be reached at 301/469-3400 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Natalia Scomparin, who examines Latin America's medtech opportunities, is industry manager in the Latin American healthcare group of Frost & Sullivan and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Additional information on Latin American medtech markets can be obtained by contacting Frost & Sullivan's Jorgelina Peciña at 54 11 4777 9951 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Providing insights for evaluating medtech markets in Europe, Jerrold S. Seeman is president and chief executive officer of Luxcore Ltd. (New York City), the U.S. Department of Justice-registerd communication agency that is the official representative of the Luxembourg Board of Economic Development. He can be reached at 212/879-7966 or via e-mail at [email protected].



When moving or establishing a medical device company, executives must often work closely with regional economic development officials to ensure their companies find a proper fit in their new communities. In "Aligning Regional Incentives with Medtech Needs", Melvin L. Billingsley, PhD, and Michele M. Washko provide guidance on how medical technology executives seeking to start, expand, or relocate their businesses can frame their goals and needs in a way that will facilitate a successful partnership. Billingsley is president and CEO of the Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania. He can be reached at 717/635-2100 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Washko is vice president of strategic services for the organization and can be reached at 717/635-2103 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Governmental & Legal Affairs



The potential risks to patients from the use of reprocessed single-use medical devices have received significant attention in recent years. In "Reprocessed Liability", Caryn M. Silverman and Bernard H. Maister examine the potential liability of medtech companies in regard to reprocessed single-use devices and the defenses available to them. Silverman is a partner in the law firm of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP (New York City), and Maister is a special counsel for the firm. Silverman can be reached at 212/422-0202 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Maister can be reached at 212/422-0202 or via e-mail at [email protected].


In "Managing Antikickback Risks", Jason B. Meyer and Denise Queffelec provide guidance for medtech executives looking to limit their companies' risk when establishing relationships with physicians. Meyer is chief legal officer and ethics officer, and Queffelec is senior vice president for the life sciences practice, at EduNeering (Princeton, NJ). Meyer can be reached at 609/627-5306 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Queffelec can be reached at 609/627-5300 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Advertising, Distribution, & Sales


A successful sales message is no longer simply about the clinical benefits of a product or technology. In "The Reimbursement Sales Process", Karl Florence outlines an enhanced sales process that equips a company's sales representatives to discuss the reimbursement issues that accompany new medical devices. Florence is senior director of managed care for Dexcom Inc. (San Diego), a company that manufactures a continuous glucose sensor for the management of diabetes. He can be reached at 412/788-6670 or via e-mail at [email protected].


Commission-based incentives for medtech sales forces don't always align reps' motivations with company goals. In "Rethinking Sales Incentives", Marshall Solem discusses how medical device manufacturers can drive future sales growth by reassessing their current sales commission structures. Solem is the managing principal of ZS Associates' office in Evanston, IL, and leader of the firm's medical products and services practice. He can be reached at 847/492-3645 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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