3. Medtronic

Brian Buntz

February 26, 2016

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3. Medtronic

3. Medtronic

Glassdoor Interview difficulty ranking: 3.0

The majority of questions provided by Glassdoor users seemed to typical: "tell me about yourself," "why should we hire you," or "tell me about a failure you've overcome."

Sample questions:

How do you tell a surgeon he is doing something inadequate?  

Explain a time when a project you were working on did not go as planned. How did you turn it around?

How would you deal with being asked to perform a test procedure that you knew was either wrong or would not provide the data required to resolve problem?

Explain a time when you helped enact a new procedure or protocol?

If we offered you this job and you accepted: What would you do your first day? Your first week? Your first month?

What was your biggest failure? 

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