1. Stryker

Brian Buntz

February 26, 2016

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1. Stryker

1. Stryker

Glassdoor Interview difficulty ranking: 3.4

Although Stryker had one of the highest interview difficulty rankings among the medical device companies we sampled, many of the sample questions provided seems common, such as "Describe your strengths and weaknesses" or "How would you be an asset to the company."

Sample questions:

What is something that was particularly complicated for you in your engineering courses and how would you explain that topic to a group of high school students who didn't know about the topic.  

There are 8 red balls. One is heavier than the rest. You have a balance beam. In two operations, determine which ball is heavier than the rest.

(Sample answer: You take 3 of each and put them on each side of the scale (a total of 6 balls equally placed on the balance beam). if they are equal you set them aside and place the 2 remaining on the scale, one on each side, the heavier one will be obvious, if the first operation is unequal, you place the 3 lighter balls aside. You take 2 of the three heavier set and place them on the scale, if one is heavier than the other, you have the heavier one, if they are equal, than the one you did not place on the scale is the heavier one.)

Why are you better than the other candidates? You have 60 seconds to give an answer. Please don't use terms like "honesty," "work ethic," or "you're the best." You have 60 seconds, go!

(Sample answer: I am passionate about this field and about doing whatever I can for the patient. If that means going beyond the normal expectations than that's what needs to be done. Passion combined with sincerity will guide every aspect of who I am as an employee and as an advocate for the patient. This includes researching to find answers, exploring new options to solve problems, and assist in providing the most comprehensive treatment for the patient.)

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