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October 9, 2012

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Manufacturing Systems Today: Assembly Equipment

Production fluid dispenser
Offered by Fluid Metering Inc., the IDS2000 industrial fluid dispenser consists of a patented valveless ceramic piston pump directly coupled to a precision stepper motor. Available as a stand-alone system for dispensing fluids in production and process environments, the unit includes an integral quick-run module that serves as an interface for accepting a foot switch or external relay for active dispensing. The system dispenses fluid volumes between 2 ?l and 7 ml and is suited for dispensing solvents, lubricants, cleaning agents, flux, and adhesives. Its stepper motor and stepper driver electronics are packaged in a splashproof stainless-steel enclosure. Supplied as a complete system with power supply and foot switch, the dispenser performs a variety of applications in the area of medical component assembly.
Fluid Metering Inc.

Coil-joining system
New features are available for the Infinite Web all-in-one coil joiner, a system that incorporates automatic laser cutting and welding into a single head and uses a noncontact process for splicing coils. Joining Technologies Inc. has given the system the ability to splice titanium coils and to splice on a 15° bias as an alternative to forming perpendicular joints. Requiring only an electrical input and minimal operator involvement, the safe, user-friendly coil-joining system is a mobile stand-alone machine that can serve multiple converting lines, automatically preparing coil ends and delivering precision welds in cycles of fewer than 3 minutes. Its industrial PC-based control system features a touch screen interface, predefined programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self-diagnostics to maximize uptime. Designed by welders to handle material thicknesses of 0.002 to 0.040 in., the system employs coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise, accurate splices.
Joining Technologies Inc.

Laser welding systems
Optimized for plastic component assembly, Novolas laser welding systems from Leister USA are suited for use in the assembly of microfluidic products and medical devices. Achieving weld widths as narrow as 100 µm, the welding systems are based on the company's patented Mask technique, which enables complicated geometric patterns to be selectively bonded within seconds using a laser line--a so-called curtain of light. The contamination-free, proprietary welding technology allows high flexibility and precise, repeatable, hermetic welding of thermoplastics. The turnkey WS-AT system is designed for R&D and low-volume production while the Basic-AT unit can be employed to automate higher-volume applications.
Leister USA

Servo-controlled ultrasonic welding systems
The expanded iQ line of servo-controlled ultrasonic welding systems from the Dukane Corp., Ultrasonics Div. consists of high-frequency 30-, 40-, and 50-kHz welders intended for smaller medical device parts such as valves, ports, filters, and implant components. A larger, 15- and 20-kHz, press platform is also available for bigger medical parts. The welders employ a proprietary technology that precisely controls the collapse speed profile during the weld. This control capability allows deeper penetration of ultrasonic propagation into the bond area and creates a larger heat-affected zone, resulting in good repeatability, strong welds, and easy validation calibration. With a power output of 600 to 1800 W, the smaller press system is suited for high-throughput, high-speed automation. And with a power output of 3300 to 5000 W, the larger platform provides a higher clamping force.
Dukane Corp., Ultrasonics Div.
St. Charles, IL

Diode laser system
Available from Dilas Industrial Laser Systems, the Compact fiber-coupled turnkey diode laser system based on an integrated diode laser module offers an optical output power of 30 W continuous-wave and enhanced beam quality. Because of the system's small focal diameters, this direct diode laser system can handle challenging applications in materials processing; the beam parameter product is ±11 mm mrad, derived from a 100-µm fiber core diameter and a numerical aperture of 0.22. Using fixed optics, focal diameters of less than 180 µm are possible, while focal diameters of less than 400 µm can be attained when a galvo scanner is employed. Used in combination with the manufacturer's standardized processing heads, the system can perform microscale plastics welding and selective microsoldering, processes that are becoming increasingly important in medical device manufacturing operations.
Dilas Industrial Laser Systems

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