Medtech's Take on Washington Policies

Medical device executives look ahead to the changes expected to come out of Washington, DC this year. Here's how they see issues like the medical device tax, repatriation, and agency leadership impacting their companies.

2017 is set to be a year of upheaval. The Trump administration and the new Congress are expected to usher in legislative changes while unwinding current policies. This of course is likely to mean big changes for the healthcare industry.

One move anticipated by many industry onlookers is a permanent repeal of the medical device excise tax. According to recently released results from a survey conducted by the Medical Device Manufacturer Association, 75% of the device executives surveyed said they would invest more money in jobs and R&D if the tax was eliminated instead of temporarily suspended.

At last week’s JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, medical device executives discussed tax reform, corporate tax repatriation, and the future of value-based care under the new administration in Washington, DC.

Here’s what they had to say on a few other hot-button issues:



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