7 Ways Google Glass Could Augment Your Healthcare

What would you do with a development kit for Google Glass? If all goes according to plan you'll be noticing people augmenting their reality with the product by year end. So what do you do with a product that could become the biggest geek toy since the iPhone?

Google recently launched a campaign on Twitter #ifIhadglass and asked the public what they would do with a pair of Google glasses. The responses posted on YouTube and Twitter, which have ranged from outright innovative to downright banal and narcissistic, have yielded some interesting ideas and posibilities for mHealth and how Google Glass could transform healthcare for patients, caregivers, and even manufacturers.
1.) Diet
Meal plans can be a pain, especially if you mind eating the same foods over and over again. Unsure about what you can/should eat? Google Glass could be used to give you real time nutritional information as you shop. A Santa Clarita stuent is working on this app for his senior thesis.

2.) Fitness
Wearable devices like the Nike+ FuelBand and the Misfit Shine could be in for an upgrade if Google Glass allows for realtime fitness tracking – step counting, calories, heartrate, ect.
Here's a concept of a triathalon using Google Glass.

3.) Diagnosis
Imagine your doctor having instant access to a database of medical knowledge to assist with diagnosis.

4.) Disablities
One user has an idea to combine Google glasses with QR codes to create "speaking labels" for the visually impaired:

5.) Manufacturing
Giving workers access to training, standard operating procedures, and guidelines could offer a whole new level of quality control for device manufactuerrs.

6.) Emergency Response
Here's a concept for an emergency early warning system that warns of a disaster and locates the nearest hospitals and shelters for a wearer.

*Bonus*: Makes you less of a jerk
Some think Google Glass has an enormous potential to turn us all into privacy-invading a-holes, so much so that it's already being banned in bars and restaurants. However on the flipside, the threat of being constantly monitored could be just what's needed to keep less desirables on their Ps and Qs. Thieves would be less likely to target someone if they thought they were being recorded, for example.
Plus, it could also be just the thing to add a twist to your relationship:

-Chris Wiltz, Associate Editor, MD+DI