Top 5 Digital Health Deals in 2013 (#3)

Posted in Orthopedics by Arundhati Parmar on January 6, 2014


Money Raised: $48 million

Investors: Dignity Health, Ziegler Meditech Equity Partners and undisclosed corporate and angel investors

Funding Round: Series B

What is does: OrthoSensor makes the single-use, VeraSense Knee System used in total knee replacement procedures. It incorporates sensors that provides data to surgeons in real time about implant placement, soft tissue balance and limb alignment.

Total Funds Raised: at least $53.4 million 

Founded: 2005 

Location: Dania Beach, Florida

CEO: Jay Pierce

Source: Rock Health Report, OrthoSensor and SEC Filings


Correction: A previous version of this slide had the location and CEO name incorrect.


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