Conductive Compounds' Conductive Pad-Printing Ink (MD&M West Exhibitor)

Posted in Printing Services by Chris Wiltz on January 14, 2013

Silver conductive ink for pad-printing high-definition fine-line traces in hard-to-print areas of electronic medical devices is offered to give design engineers flexibility in creating circuits. AG-1074 ink is designed to print well in recessed areas of hard-plastic device substrates and on raised surfaces, by contrast with screen printing and other conventional printing processes that cannot access contoured surfaces. Solvents can be adjusted for compatibility with specific substrates or medical-grade silicone pads, and the ink enables design engineers to incorporate electronic circuit traces into molded parts more easily.

Conductive Compounds Inc.
Hudson, NH

Conductive Compounds Inc. will be exhibiting at MD&M West in Booth #1447

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