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Who Was the Most Innovative MD&M East Supplier?

EG-GILERO caught the attention of an MD&M East show floor innovation tour, winning the Supplier Innovation Challenge with a simple and intuitive design for Anutra Medical's dental anesthesia dispenser.
Chris Newmarker
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but simplicity may be invention's favorite sister.
That seems to be the case for EG-GILERO, which won the Supplier Innovation Challenge at MD&M East with a demonstration of simple and intuitive design. Check out the video below of Ted Mosler, chief technology officer at EG-GILERO (Durham, NC), explaining the design behind a dental anesthesia dispenser for Anutra Medical (Morrisville, NC). 
Anutra's founder had an idea for a dispenser that would mix lidocaine with sodium bicarbonate, something that can only be done right before the procedure, Mosler explained. The advantage is that the sodium bicarbonate eliminates the initial stinging sensation. 
EG-GILERO kept the design simple, and they even incorporated haptic feedback in the form of clicks as the mixture is dispensed into a syringe, as well as while the syringe is being used. A dentist will hear a click for every cc injected, something that would be hard to figure out visually while the syringe is inside the mouth.
The company beat out four other finalists in a vote involving MD&M East attendees: ProPlate and its unique technology applied to braided catheters for enhanced performance; Tekscan and its FlexiForce force sensors; TissueGen's ELUTE fibers; and MTD Micro Molding and its capability to mold tiny components.
The five finalists featured at MD&M East were chosen by a survey overseen by UBM Canon's editorial team.
EG-GILERO was recently blended from the merging of GILERO Biomedical, Medacys, InField Medical, as well as the medical businesses of eNNOVEA and ValTech Holdings. The company has U.S. facilities stretching from Florida to New York, and offers a suite of contract manufacturing offerings and related services. 
Other technologies the company is touting include a drug reconstitution device it helped develop for Yukon Medical (Durham, NC). The device only requires three steps to deliver the drug. The previously developed technology required the five steps from the user.

Chris Newmarker is senior editor of Qmed and MPMN. Follow him on Twitter at @newmarker.

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