June 22, 2006

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Testing & Inspection

Originally Published MPMN June 2006


Testing & Inspection

Leak and flow testers


Ethernet connectivity is available on a company’s testing equipment. The Solution line of leak and flow testers supports 10Base-T Ethernet connection for two-way control and data collection over corporate LAN or wide-area networks, as well as TCP and UP data protocols with connections via Telnet and HTTP. This feature allows users to access their leak tester remotely over the Ethernet via any networked PC using a Web browser, Telnet session, or IP-enabled application software.
TM Electronics Inc., Boylston, MA

High-voltage test system


Providing automated high-voltage multipoint testing with up to 144 test points, a product performs dielectric tests up to 6000 V ac and IR tests to 10,000 V dc. Suited for applications such as heart monitors and defibrillation cables, the testing system operates on the company’s standard switching paradigm. The unit offers test coverage from subohm four-wire resistance to 10-GW IR measurements. Software enables users to establish their own test procedures and to collect data using their own terminology.
CableTest Systems Inc., Markham, ON, Canada

Video inspection system


An optical instrumentation company has released a self-contained video inspection system suited for magnified assembly and inspection tasks. The Hi-Eye video microscope features a built-in color LCD monitor, a high-resolution CCD camera, a digital crosshair generator, and a motorized zoom. The inspection system is also equipped with rapid autofocus capabilities for the production of clear images magnified up to 90×. In addition, the product is designed for direct line-of-sight viewing and has a mountable articulating arm with a 27-in. range. Lighting options include dual halogen, fluorescent ring, mouse-controlled LED, and square-on surface.
Ram Optical Instrumentation Inc., Tempe, AZ

Test stands


Configured for the tensile and compression testing of materials and products, a line of test stands are designed for use in rigorous quality control trials. The 700-series universal test systems are ball-screw driven, allowing for smooth operation and precise crosshead positioning. Other favorable attributes of the test systems include good speed range, ability to perform tests without special adaptors or cages, and adjustable travel limit switches.
Com-Ten Industries, Pinellas Park, FL

Metrology system


Available in benchtop and floor models with measurement volumes ranging from 200 × 150 × 150 mm to 610 × 610 × 150 mm, a metrology system offers automatic video-based measurement with submicron resolution. The SmartScope MVP can accommodate a variety of part sizes and fixtures of multiple parts. Outfitted with servo-driven motorized stages, the system features a 6.5:1 zoom lens with a 90-mm working distance. Surface and profile illumination, as well as a high-resolution color camera, provide good images, according to the firm. An optional touch probe provides multisensor capabilities for inaccessible or hard-to-image items, and the Measure-X metrology software ensures automated inspection and measurement.
Optical Gaging Products Inc., Rochester, NY

Spinal-testing system


A six-axis spine-testing system is designed to provide both power and flexibility for full simulation of physiological spine motions such as axial compression, axial torsion, flexion and extension, lateral bend, and anterior, posterior, and lateral shear. Defined forces are applied at the top end of the specimen, while the lower end reacts to them. The centers of rotation are located along the length of the specimen. As a result, the application of pure flexion-extension and lateral bending can be made without inducing excessive shear forces. To achieve physiologically relevant results, the BioPuls system allows combined loading in multiple configurations. Applications include spinal motion characterization, fixation and
disk-replacement evaluation, and adjacent mechanics studies.
Instron Corp., Norwood, MA

Material-testing equipment


Suited for quality control testing for the identification of weak or defective parts, a nondestructive testing system measures the dynamic elastic and acoustic properties of materials. In order to perform these measurements, a small hammer strikes a solid and the resulting vibrations are analyzed. A power spectrum and waveform are displayed, allowing the resonant frequencies and internal friction to be measured. The Young’s and shear moduli, as well as the Poisson’s ratio, can then be calculated. The speed of sound and shear wave velocities can also be determined.
BuzzMac International, Glendale, WI

Servoelectric testing systems


A line of universal and fatigue test systems feature a high-speed digital controller that provides 24-bit measurement and control. The Dyna-Myte units perform fatigue, tensile, indentation, fracture, compression, and shear tests on devices, components, and materials. Actuators offer force control ranging from subgram load levels to 25,000 N, and provide submicron position control with travel strokes to 300 mm. Most models include test and analysis software, grips, fixtures, load frame, and optional biomedical baths.
TestResources Inc., Shakopee, MN

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