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Products and Services: Testing and Inspection

Article-Products and Services: Testing and Inspection

Fiber-Optic Borescopes
Using Hawkeye Pro MicroFlex fiber-optic borescopes from Gradient Lens Corp., manufacturers of small machined or molded medical parts and components can inspect for defects inside miniature components. Measuring 0.5, 0.9, and 1.5 mm in diameter, the borescopes produce high-quality images via high-resolution 10,000- or 30,000-pixel fiber-optic image bundles. Flexible or semirigid, they can reach into narrow, twisting paths to detect burrs, sharp edges, and other defects in such medical products as valves, cannulae, catheters, hypodermic tubing, and trocars. Ranging in length from 6 to 39 in., the borescopes feature a C-mount direct video adapter, enabling users to attach the scopes to a C-mount video camera and capture images for further inspection or documentation.
Gradient Lens Corp.
Rochester, NY

Device-Safety Analyzer
Designed for versatility in device testing and asset management, the Rigel 62353 handheld safety analyzer for medical electronic devices combines features of an automatic and manual tester with advanced data logging. Rigel Medical's analyzer meets the requirements of IEC 62353, the standard for in-service and after-repair testing of medical electronic devices. The instrument can store up to 10,000 test records, customized routines, visual inspection results, and performance tests, which can be downloaded to a PC. The easily transportable analyzer offers automatic sequencing, onboard data storage, and data-entry capabilities. It features a graphic LCD display, an integral alphanumeric keyboard, and a long battery-powered operating life. The analyzer can be connected to the manufacturer's PC database software to provide enhanced electronic recording and management of testing programs. Users can create custom routines for testing specific devices and upload them to the analyzer.
Rigel Medical

Optical Inspection System
Relying on the white-light axial chromatism technique, Nanovea's HS100 automated optical inspection system is capable of stand-alone operation or in-line integration. Featuring a stage that can move as fast as 1 m/sec, the system provides both speed and resolution. At maximum speed, the unit can measure one point every 32 µm. Scan rates range from 31,000 points per second with nanometer accuracy up to 324,000 points per second when a line sensor is employed. The x-y measurement area is 400 × 600 mm. The system features a range of automated options for measuring such surface characteristics as profile, dimension, roughness, shape and form, flatness and planarity, volume area, step-height depth, and thickness values.
Nanovea Automated Optical Inspection

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