Manufacturing Systems Today: Test, Measurement, and Inspection

March 28, 2012

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Manufacturing Systems Today: Test, Measurement, and Inspection

OGP benchtop metrologyBenchtop metrology system
Optical Gaging Products (OGP) offers medical device manufacturers high-speed measurement and QC capabilities with the SmartScope Specialist 300 benchtop measurement system and companion Kotem SmartProfile 3D GD&T analysis software. The noncontact video and multisensor metrology system verifies the critical dimensions of such medical parts and products as prosthetic joints, implants, syringe components, and flow components with micron-level accuracy. It features x-y-z travel of 12 × 12 × 10 in., machined-in axial straightness and perpendicularity, and a patented twin-Z elevating bridge for structural integrity. Telecentric motorized zoom optics, a high-resolution gray-scale camera, narrow-band green LED surface and profile illumination, and sophisticated image processing together produce sharp images scarcely affected by variations in part finish. In addition, a system configured with a special miniature probe can access tiny features on delicate microparts while one equipped with an optional through-the-lens laser can map complex surface contours.
Optical Gaging Products (OGP)

Microminiature borescope
Available in flexible and semirigid models, the Micro borescope from Lenox Instrument Company, Inc. delivers a cleLenox Instrument boroscopear, bright image in close-range inspection of medical devices such as coronary stents; tubing; electronic and mechanical assemblies; and micromolded, machined, and cast parts. It is optimized for use in applications in which access is limited and the insertion point is only a few millimeters in diameter. Provided in diameters down to 0.02 in. and in standard lengths of 4 in. to 50 ft, the borescope can be supplied in other lengths and custom configurations as well. Featuring a focusing eyepiece and a fiber-optic bundle that provides good resolution, the product can tolerate tip deflections and moderate bending owing to its rugged design and durable construction. All models are video- and digital-adaptable, allowing users to view and record real-time or still images and store them for reference. The borescopes are compatible with the manufacturer's color video systems and light sources.
Lenox Instrument Company, Inc.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero test chambersEnvironmental testing chambers
Environmental chambers suited for performing accelerated-aging, stability, reliability, and other temperature- and humidity-exposure tests on a range of medical devices and packaging are available from Cincinnati Sub-Zero. Available in versions covering temperatures from -73° to 190°C with humidity selectability from 10% to 95% RH, the test chambers are offered in sizes ranging from small benchtop units to walk-in rooms. Standard chamber features include the manufacturer's touch screen controller, remote control and monitoring, data logging, alarm notification via e-mail or text message, a data file backup system, full system security with audit trail files, and digital signatures. Among the various test standards the chambers satisfy are such specifications as ASTM F1980 for accelerated-aging and ICH Q1A guidelines for pharmaceutical stability testing.
Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Digital measuring machine
The QVI Snap full-function, benchtop noncontact digital measuring machine from RAM Optical Instrumentation Inc. is desigEAM Optical measuring machinened for ease of use, speed, and accuracy in measuring a variety of medical parts. With telecentric optics that offer a 78-mm field of view and a large focal range, along with a worktable that can be adjusted vertically within a 75-mm range of travel, the machine can accommodate a variety of products, including hypodermic needles, medical tubing, implant components, and flow-control products. A digital megapixel camera provides high-definition video images with potential subpixel resolution of 50:1. In addition, advanced image processing allows the user to zoom in on any part of the field of view to isolate and measure small component details with resolution as high as 50 nm. Three all-LED lighting systems are included with the system: a substage profile light, coaxial surface light, and programmable eight-sector multicolor ring light. Intuitive 2-D metrology software with part-recognition capability provides a comprehensive choice of feature measurements and allows routines with an effectively unlimited number of measuring points or measurement steps.
RAM Optical Instrumentation Inc.

Imada test standMotorized test stand
The EMX-275 vertical motorized test stand from Imada Inc. has a precision stepper motor and a ball screw drive that provide precise movement and smooth operation. The stand's rigid construction ensures minimum deflection and thus consistent application of force and distance for reliable compression and tension test results. Its program dial and menu screens for controlling distance, mode, speed, time, and cycles are designed to facilitate the setup of destructive, fatigue, and nondestructive tests. Other standard system features include a speed range of 0.01 to 23.5 in./min, maximum force of 275 lbf, a timer programmable in 0.1-second increments, a jog-movement control that moves the crosshead precisely in 0.01-mm increments, and a cycle counter. Force gauges are available for performing force-controlled nondestructive tests. The product is suited for pull and shear testing of components on circuit boards; spring testing for tension and compression; puncture and burst testing for IV bags; safety seal peel testing; and adhesion-strength testing of adhesives.
Imada Inc.

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