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Hologic Puts a Bow on Mobidiag Oy Acquisition

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Marlborough, MA-based Hologic has announced four acquisitions this year. The company had more cash on hand than usual because of strong sales of COVID-19-related tests.

Hologic has closed on Mobidiag Oy, one of the largest acquisitions the women’s health company has made this year.

The Marlborough, MA-based company first announced it would acquire Mobidiag Oy for an enterprise value of $808 million in April.

Mobidiag provides near-patient, molecular diagnostic instruments and tests for acute care conditions including gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, antimicrobial resistance management, and healthcare-associated infections. Its Amplidiag and Novodiag testing platforms deliver results in 50 minutes to two hours. In 2020, Mobidiag generated $42 million. 

“Closing the acquisition of Mobidiag enables us to become a broader, more diversified global diagnostics leader,” said Jan Verstreken, group president, international at Hologic. “Together, we can accelerate development and adoption of Mobidiag’s innovative products globally and drive Hologic’s growth.”

Hologic started off 2021 with M&A. In January, the company announced the acquisition of Somatex for $64 million. The deal would help Hologic expand its breast health solutions.

Within the same week of the Somatex deal, Hologic announced it would acquire Biotheranostics, a private company that provides molecular diagnostic tests for breast and metastatic cancers, for $230 million. The company then acquired Diagenode for $159 million, to boost the Panther Fusion System technology.

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