Supplier Stories for the Week of September 3

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of September 3.

  • This is a compilation of the latest news from suppliers in the medical device industry. If you have news you’d like to submit for potential inclusion in this weekly roundup, please send a press release and any related images to [email protected] with the subject line “Supplier Stories.”


  • CIM med GmbH has been in business for ten years. In honor of its 10-year anniversary, the Munich-based company, known for its cable integrated mounting system, recalled its early days with just four employees in a small facility.

    “We set the course for a successful future. Our product area expanded. Now, the CIM med® mounting solutions are utilized worldwide—in over 40 countries and more than 150,000 mounting solutions installed,” Manuela Deverill, managing director, said in a press release. “With our extraordinarily demanding quality awareness, the high production flexibility, an expert team of—by now—50 employees as well as short decision-making procedures, we are also an attractive partner for big manufacturers of medical technology. This is especially true with regard to the development of specific solutions. Nationally as well as internationally.”

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    [Image courtesy of CIM MED GMBH]

  • Heraeus Medical Components announced it is purchasing Biotectix LLC, makers of polymer-based conductive materials for medical device applications. Biotectix's Amplicoat and Tecticoat coatings are used for applications inside (Amplicoat) and outside (Tecticoat) the body.

    "We constantly work with our medical device customers to find ways to make products less invasive with added functionality for improved performance and at a lower cost. The medical electrode is a critical part of the equation and Heraeus is a world leader in stimulation electrodes," Nicolas Guggenheim, PhD, president of Heraeus Medical Components, said in a press release. "Biotectix has truly been an innovator with their electro-conductive polymer solutions. Combining our electrode expertise with Biotectix opens up new possibilities for us to deliver new solutions for our customers."

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    [Image courtesy of BIOTECTIX]


  • Sensirion, makers of digital microsensors and systems, has released the smallest differential pressure sensor available, the SDP3x. The sensor is being offered as part of a development kits for vertical take-off and landing and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle applications. The kit is being offered by Sensirion’s partner in the launch, Drotek.

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    [Image courtesy of SENSIRION]

  • US Extruders is a new company that has been created in Westerly, RI. The company, led by people with years of experience in the extruder market, offers a “total guarantee” with a 5-year total warranty on machines.

    “Our team realized that with our talent, building a new extrusion company was viable and would fill a demand in the marketplace. We won’t just be selling machines; we’ll be making lasting relationships with our customers and solving their extrusion needs with integrity and quality “Made in America” machinery,” Bill Kramer, president of US Extruders, said in a press release.

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    [Image courtesy of US EXTRUDERS]

  • VirTex announced it is participating in Manufacturing Day this year with an event on October 6 at the VirTex facility in Austin, TX. Manufacturing Day is a nationwide initiative produced by the National Association of Manufacturers.

    “I am proud to be part of this event and I’m looking forward to welcoming students, academia, and associations to our technology leading manufacturing company,” Brad Heath, CEO and owner of VirTex, said in a press release. “At VirTex, we pride ourselves on our community engagement and this is part of our ongoing program. We know that our industry is currently facing a skilled worker shortage and hope that this event will spark an interest to pursue a career in manufacturing.” He added, “VirTex is a modern factory, enabling our customers to go beyond the everyday.”


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