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Supplier Stories for the Week of September 1

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of September 1.

  • Clippard

    Clippard offers Cordis digital proportional pressure controls that operate with ultra-high resolution (≤5 mV) and repeatability within a closed-loop system, the company reported in a news release. The microcontrollers employ the EVP and DVP lines of Clippard proportional valves that provide steady, repeatable downstream pressure as demand or processes change.

    Controller features described by Clippard include:

    • Resolution ≤5 mV.
    • Accuracy ±0.25% of full scale.
    • Real-time adjustable PID control.
    • Integrated 0 to 10 VDC, 4-20 mA signal, or 3.3 VDC serial communication.
    • 0 to 10 VDC feedback pressure monitor.
    • Vitually silent.
    • No integral bleed required.
    • Static or dynamic applications with the same proportional control.
    • Proportional fill and bleed control.
    • Customizable pressure ranges.
    • Made in the USA.

    [Image courtesy of CLIPPARD]

  • Schleuniger Inc.

    Schleuniger Inc. will demonstrate equipment from its line of high-precision wire processing solutions at Booth #519 at ATX Minneapolis October 23-24. These include the Odyssey-4 high-precision laser stripping machine and the EcoStrip 9380 high-performance automatic cut-and-strip machine.

    The Odyssey-4 is designed to strip enameled wire and multi-filar ribbon ranging in size from 0.025 – 0.25 mm (0.001 – 0.01 in.) O.D. Using ultraviolet laser technology, the Odyssey-4 vaporizes any polyimide-type insulation cleanly and precisely, while harmlessly reflecting from the shield or conductor, it was reported. The result is a nick-free strip with no residue, enabling users to connect to the wire without further chemical treatment. It is suitable for a large range of medical wiring and high-performance magnet wire coils.

    The EcoStrip 9380 can be configured with either rollers or belt feeding, and the configuration itself can quickly and easily be done by the operator. The three-position design of the optional belt feeding system can operate in normal mode, roller mode, or short mode processing depending upon the application. This economical solution makes it possible to quickly and accurately process many more applications, the company reported.

    Other products to be demonstrated include the latest generation CoaxStrip 6380 programmable, multi-step stripping machine for coaxial, triaxial, and multiconductor cable, the EcoCut 3200 benchtop cutting machine designed for cutting both wire and tubing, and the UniStrip 2300 stripping machine with the SmartDetect option for additional quality assurance.

    [Image courtesy of SCHLEUNIGER INC.]

  • SencorpWhite and WM Thermoforming Machines

    SencorpWhite announced a new distribution agreement for the United States and Canada with WM Thermoforming Machines, which designs and manufactures both in-line and tilt-bed thermoformers that will extend market presence for SencorpWhite.

    The all-electric FC and Flex Series in-line thermoformers complement SencorpWhite 2500 and ULTRA series thermoformers in terms of size and throughput, it was reported.


  • Qosina

    Qosina offers a variety of Oetiker stainless-steel, non-greased StepLess ear clamps for a wide range of applications. They are suited for high-pressure connections where leakage is a concern, providing a more secure connection than standard plastic securing clamps, the company reported in a news release.

    The line of Oetiker StepLess ear clamps range in size from 0.378 in. closed to 1.421 in. open, with band width options of 5 mm and 7 mm. Their tongue-in-groove design exerts pressure and eliminates steps and/or overlaps on the inner circumference of the clamp, providing a 360° leak-free seal, Qosina reported.

    Also available from Qosina are Oetiker clamping tools for installation and removal of the clamps. These single- and compound-action pincers and cutting tools are designed to provide optimal performance for high-strength connections in applications with tight space constraints.

    Qosina supplies OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The company is ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, and ISO 14001 certified and operates in a 95,000-sq-ft facility with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom. 

    [Image courtesy of QOSINA]

  • Convert Ltd. will supply cable assemblies for two hundred slide scanners used to examine samples to help diagnose cancer, the company reported. The cable assemblies are manufactured for FFEI, which builds the scanners for a multinational healthcare company described as a market leader in digital pathology scanning.

    “To be involved in this project from the start was great as we were able to work with FFEI and suggest changes to the designs of the assemblies which made them easier to manufacture," stated Dave Lord, Convert’s managing director, in a news release. "We had to learn some new assembly techniques and buy some new tooling, so we’re really thrilled with the success of this project!”

    Added Andy Cook, CEO at FFEI: “We knew Convert could deliver having worked with them on legacy projects in the past. Dave and his team provided top-class design and development support for the cable assemblies which combined with our line-scan camera and tracking expertise has resulted in us being able to deliver a fantastic digital pathology scanner which provides market leading scanning performance with speed and image quality that is second to none.”

    For each of the 200 machines on order, Convert will build 25 cable assemblies comprising a mixture of discrete, multicore, and ribbon cables connected to LEDs, stepper motors, and a variety of sensors, it was reported.

    [Image courtesy of CONVERT LTD.]


  • KNF Neuberger Inc. offers an oil-free swing-piston pump to support demand for a more-compact, high-performance, economical solution for portable devices.

    The new NPK 012 is 30% shorter than other models in its performance class, measuring 103 mm in length. The new pump’s weight is 600 g, under-cutting other models by half, the company reported in a news release.

    While being smaller than other units, the NPK 012 offers high levels of both vacuum and pressure performance, KNF reported. The vacuum version reaches 25.8 in Hg (140 mbar abs), has a maximum flow rate of 13.5 L/min, and can deliver 15 psig continuously. The pressure version delivers up to 36 psig (2.5 bar) of continuous positive pressure, and up to 72 psig (5 bar) during intermittent operation. Both versions can start up against the full vacuum and pressure range, and the brushless DC motor provides custom-fit speed control with low energy consumption. 

    Such performance-to-size and price-to-size/performance ratios suit the NPK 012 for many applications, including medical inhalation therapy devices, sprayers (disinfection, scent dispensing, crop protection), pick-and-place vacuum equipment, and pneumatic actuations. 

    [Image courtesy of KNF NEUBERGER INC.]

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