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Supplier Stories for the Week of October 6

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of October 6.

  • An exclusive licensing agreement has been annoucned between Haselmeier, a Swiss- and German-based developer and manufacturer of self-injection devices, and Stevanato Group, an Italian-based producer of glass primary packaging and a provider of solutions for combination products, regarding the Axis-D pen-injector technology and intellectual property for development, manufacturing, and supply in the therapeutic area of diabetes care.

    Haselmeier designed and developed the Axis-D pen-injector along with its partners, and a version of this pen-injector is currently on the market after being launched by a pharmaceutical company and approved by the European Medical Agency and the U.S. FDA. Stevanato Group plans to utilize this technology and IP to provide a new pen injector to support the needs of diabetes patients all over the world, it was reported in a news release. Once the device design is finalized, it will be produced at one of Stevanato Group’s manufacturing facilities and sub-assembly and final assembly equipment will be provided by Stevanato Group operations in Denmark.

    “We are pleased and proud to have Stevanato Group as our strategic partner for Axis-D in Diabetes," said Frédéric Gabriel, chief innovation officer at Haselmeier, in the release. "Stevanato Group has demonstrated in past years a consistent development strategy coupled with unique integrated capabilities and is able to leverage Haselmeier’s pen injection platform to bring it to the next level. Such platform has already been proven in the market, from an IP, performance and user perspective. It also demonstrates Haselmeier’s strategic orientation to exploit its IP over various paths, either with own development and manufacturing capabilities or together with a strategic partner.”

    Added Paolo Patri, chief technology officer at Stevanato Group: “Consistent with its vision Stevanato Group always welcomes strategic agreements with key players in the market to broaden its global capabilities. We value our relationship with Haselmeier as a device technology partner. With this agreement, we continue to expand our portfolio of devices for patients suffering from diabetes. This complements ongoing work on our award winning 1-ml cartridge-based wearable device, which will give our biopharmaceutical partners the opportunity to provide patients with both standard and alternative treatment solutions with such devices. "

    Image courtesy of HASELMEIER and STEVANATO GROUP]

  • Polygon Composites Technology will showcase its high-performance PolyMed Composite Tubing for surgical applications at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Minneapolis held October 23– 24 in Booth #2141 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

    PolyMed Composite Tubing is suited for use with electro-surgical devices (both monopolar and bipolar), surgical ablation tools, suction irrigation or trocar cannula, endoscopic/laparoscopic instruments, and robotic surgery technologies. The lightweight and strong composite tubing is invisible to X-ray and is thermally insulating and non-conductive. Its strength and performance characteristics exceed those of stainless steel and traditional thermoplastic materials, the company reported in a news release. PolyMed is ISO-10993 compliant and can be sterilized.

    “Composites are an excellent replacement for stainless steel tubing and other metals in medical applications," stated Ted Wallace, director of sales and marketing at Polygon, in the release. "PolyMed’s features and benefits out-do metal on multiple important factors, including patient protection.”

    PolyMed Composite Tubing components can be tailored to each customer project. Options include braided, circumferentially wound, and unidirectional versions, and resilient, thin-walled material can be produced in multi-lumen shapes as one piece.

    Visit Polygon at Booth #2141 at MD&M Minneapolis. The company has been an exhibitor at the show for 25 years.


  • Placon has been recognized for three packaging designs at the annual Society of Plastics Engineers conference in September. One of the designs was for a medical device application, the ORTHOFIX Medical Tray (shown at top left), and it won a Gold Award in SPE's Industrial Packaging Category.

    The ORTHOFIX Medical Tray was designed with features that suspend a set of HA-coated medical device screws in order to prevent abrasion of the coating, which is necessary for proper medical operating room usage. The project entailed a "high level of difficulty and precision," Placon reported in a news release. 

    Dan Mohs, Placon’s Chairman and CEO, stated in the release: “2019 has been a great year for Placon. Being able to highlight our design capabilities, combined with the innovation our team brings to the packaging industry is truly a pleasure to be a part of such a great group of people. By working with our customers to find packaging solutions we continue to move the needle forward within the packaging industry that results in creating simply, better, packaging for our customers and the end users.” 

    Placon designs and manufactures custom and stock plastic packaging, including protective packaging for medical devices. It has manufacturing operations in Madison, WI; West Springfield, MA; Elkhart, IN; and Plymouth, MN.

    Placon will be exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis Booth #1318. The company has been an exhibitor at the show for 25 years.

    [Image courtesy of PLACON]


  • Actega DS will present its PROVAMED TPEs for medical and other applications at the K fair in Düsseldorf, hall 8A, stand F 11-3, October 16 – 23. PROVAMED TPEs are compounded from raw materials approved for medical applications and subject to strict selection criteria, the company shared in a news release.

    PROVAMED TPEs can be adapted to customized requirement profiles. They offer adhesion to thermoplastics such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, and PA, which can be maintained even with continuous contact with media and at increased temperatures. They are free of PVC, phthalates, silicon, and latex, which means they are also free of allergens, the company reported.

    PROVAMED TPEs can be sterilized. For instance, even after a high dose (50kGy) of gamma radiation or autoclaving at 134 °C, there were "hardly any changes detected in terms of mechanical properties and the values were close to the respective original tensile strength value," the company reported.

    [Logo courtesy of ACTEGA DS] 


  • Amada Miyachi America Inc. has introduced the new MM-410A handheld resistance weld checker for monitoring and troubleshooting production issues. The compact unit supports a wide range of resistance welding technologies, including AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor, and capacitive discharge, the company reported in a news release. The device's user interface and color touch panel display provides information on current, voltage, weld time, and force.

    In process troubleshooting, it can be used to correlate waveform and numeric data with process results and provide detailed weld data for process optimization and validation. In production, it can help reduce scrap by detecting drifts in the weld process and alerting operators before process failure. The MM-410A also reduces the frequency of destructive testing and provides an independent way of monitoring the welding power supply by detecting any drifts in welding power supply calibration.

    The unit provides ISO17657-compliant measurement for current (when used with available ISO-compliant toroidal coil). It offers easy set up using the 5.7-inch color touch panel. The seam welding mode monitors AC current and voltage or DC voltage for up to 5 minutes. Data storage is available using an onboard flash drive. Available accessories for the MM-410A handheld resistance weld tester include toroidal coils, force sensors, and current/force sensors.

    Amada Miyachi America will be exhibiting in Booth #2422 at MD&M Minneapolis.

    [Image courtesy of AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA]


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