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Supplier Stories for the Week of October 27

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of October 27.

  • B&R Industrial Automation, a member of the ABB Group, has worked to help launch the first dedicated global healthcare research hub at the Texas Medical Center (TMC) innovation campus in Houston. ABB’s healthcare research hub will demonstrate solutions for eliminating bottlenecks in laboratory work and addressing the global shortage of skilled medical and hospital staff,  offering the potential to enhance speed, safety, and consistency in laboratories and hospitals around the world, B&R shared in a news release.

    For instance, B&R's ACOPOStrak intelligent track technology integrates with robots to enable an adaptive machine that automates tasks requiring high variability, precision, and mass customization. The adaptive machine offers flexibility gains in product handling, assembly, and packaging in healthcare, B&R reported.

    [Image courtesy of B&R INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION]


  • CAS DataLoggers offers Accsense Wireless Data Loggers for healthcare facilities that can serve as solutions for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure, and other parameters in surgeries and cleanroons. 

    For instance, Accsense A1-01a Environmental Pods record general environmental measurements in surgical chambers and other controlled areas. The data logger measures temperature and humidity using its internal sensor, while it monitors differential pressure using its external 4-20mA current input for connection with a differential pressure transducer. 

    Each data logger features two digital inputs and can operate on either battery or AC power. Continual monitoring of pressure can help detect leaks. Mounting an Accsense pod with a differential pressure transducer across the room divider enables users to monitor the pressure across the room boundary, which could help prevent microbes and other contaminants from escaping a room.  Monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity is also often used in cleanrooms to avoid microbial growth.

    An Accsense B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet enables connection between the pods’ data and the Internet. The wireless gateway supported as many as 16 sensor pods, and features DHCP and static IP addressing.

    Accsense will notify staff whenever the differential pressure drops or when the temperature and humidity go outside preset limits. The system will continue to log during power or internet outages and keep all data encrypted and secure, the company reported.

    [Image courtesy of CAS DATALOGGERS]

  • GreenSoft Technology Inc., a provider of environmental compliance data services and software for medical device companies and others, has released a software solution for tracking material substance data and for responding to customer requests for data. The GreenData Manager with Component Disclosure Module (GDM w/ CDM) automates the management of parts data and data updates for manufacturers.

    The software will help companies manage data pertaining to regulations such as EU RoHS, EU REACH, California Proposition 65, and others. GDM w/ CDM allows manufacturers to establish a company-wide material database with substance makeup data. The intelligent change management system in GDM w/ CDM will track the changes of every material and propagate those changes to the final Full Material Declaration (GDM) data for package codes or component part numbers.

    Features include the evaluation of the compliance status of the manufacturer’s materials for 24 built-in regulations, data entry accuracy checks, accessibility by multiple users that share the same material database with real-time changes and edits, and more.

    GDM w/ CDM also allows manufacturers to eliminate the process of fulfilling individual customer requests for compliance declarations. The exported Excel files with FMD data from GDM w/ CDM can be uploaded to the manufacturer’s website and then downloaded by their customers, the company reported in a news release.

    [Logo courtesy of GREENSOFT TECHNOLOGY INC.]

  • Mack Molding, a custom plastics molder and supplier of contract manufacturing services, has taken second place in the annual Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) Educational Outreach Awards. Winners were celebrated at the organization’s 2019 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference in October. The award recognizes MAPP member companies for helping to bridge the manufacturing skills gap and create excitement about plastics manufacturing within their communities, Mack Molding reported in a news release. 

    Winners of this award receive a donation from MAPP to the recipient’s educational institution or program of choice, and Mack has selected the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC).

    “Mack’s workforce cultivation efforts have greatly benefited from VMEC, which helped launch our Made in Vermont Days program in 2014 and trained our employees to conduct a manufacturing flow game that puts context behind what students witnessed on the tour,” stated Mack President Jeff Somple in the release. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to give back to VMEC as it delivers on its mission to strengthen and empower Vermont manufacturers.”

    Mack’s biennial Made in Vermont Days attracts students from high schools in Southern Vermont and New York. In addition, the company’s internship program offers students real-world experience and has allowed the company to recruit 19 former interns accepting full-time positions in recent years.

    “With more than 300 MAPP members voting on this year’s nominees, we are honored to be recognized and share our peers’ commitment to inspiring a new generation of manufacturers,” Somple added. “As we prepare to celebrate our centennial, it is exciting to see our workforce development efforts have brought us young engineers, technicians and leaders who are prepared to bring us into our next 100 years.”

    [Logo courtesy of MACK MOLDING]  

  • Exact Metrology, a provider of 3D and CT scanning equipment and metrology services, now offers the GOM CT scanner, which the company claims offers the highest accuracy and highest resolution of any 225-kV system available today. Additional features include a 3k detector (3008 x 2512 pixels), voxel size between 2 µm - 80 µm, photogrammetric calibration, and 5-axis kinematics, measuring area of Ø 240 mm, H. 400 mm, temperature balancing, and an I/O port, according to a news release.

    The GOM CT inspects complex parts based on volumes. All surfaces (including internal structures) can be used for shape and dimension analysis, it was reported.

    Exact Metrology has issued the “GOM CT Challenge” in which any company considering purchasing a CT scanner can call Exact Metrology, validate the suitability, and then send a part. All parts will be scanned and the images sent along with a $30 gift card to Best Buy, according to the release. Steve Young, co-president of Exact Metrology, stated: “We hope we get as many entries as possible because we want to prove that the GOM CT scanner is the best scanner in the 225kV market.” (Please contact Steve Young from Exact Metrology at 513/815-4491 with any questions about the GOM CT Challenge.)

    [Image courtesy of EXACT METROLOGY]


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