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Supplier Stories for the Week of October 20

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of October 20.

  • At MD&M Minneapolis and Plastec this week, PolyOne demonstrated a number technologies. At MD&M booth #2115 the company showcased its portfolio of polymers, colorants, and additives for the healthcare industry, along with polymer distribution services and available technical and regulatory support. And at Plastec booth #729 it highlighted the PINPOINT Express Color & Dosing System, a new way for injection molders to develop colors for plastic right at their own facilities.

    According to a media advisory, the medical polymers, colorants, and additives included:

    • NEU Specialty Engineered Materials and customizable TPEs, colorants, and additives for catheters and specialty medical tubing solutions aiming for patient comfort, bonding well to other materials, and providing chemical resistance for flexible component and application needs.
    • Trilliant HC Thermoplastic formulations with excellent chemical resistance and durability for medical device enclosures; available in standard grades or customized formulations from an array of base polymers.
    • Pre-certified OnCap Plus additives that complement OnColor HC Plus colorant formulations, giving customers a wider range of resin choices.

    [Image courtesy of POLYONE CORP.]

  • Edmund Optics offers TECHSPEC Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors, which are designed to have high reflectivity at a 45° angle of incidence for ultrafast laser beam steering applications. The low group delay dispersion (GDD), high-reflectivity coating, obtained through a precision ion beam sputtering (IBS) process, reduces scatter and absorption better than traditional dielectric laser mirrors, the company reported in a news release. TECHSPEC Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors feature near-zero GDD at their design wavelength range, minimizing dispersion of the reflected beam and suiting them for transporting femtosecond laser pulses.

    Edmund Optics supplies optics, imaging, and photonics technology for life sciences, biomedical, industrial inspection, semiconductor, R&D, and defense applications.

    [Image courtesy of EDMUND OPTICS]

  • Novotechnik U.S. offers the TM1 Series of magnetostrictive linear hydraulic and pneumatic position sensors with compact housing. A magnetic ring-shaped marker is affixed to a moving cylinder and moves up and down the TM1 rod without contact, the company reported in a news release.

    TM1 Series stroke lengths are from 50 to 2000 mm in 25 mm steps. Operating pressure is up to 5076 psi (350 bar) with peaks to 6526 psi (450 bar). Both plug-in and screw type flange models are available.

    Other key specifications for TM1 include absolute linearity of ≤ 0.04% F.S. (min. 0.3 mm) and repeatability of ≤ ±0.1 mm. Output options include 4 to 20 mA current as well as voltage output of 0.25 to 4.75 V, 0.5 to 4.5 V or 0.1 to 10 V. Operating temperature range is to -40 to +105°C.

    [Image courtesy of NOVOTECHNIK U.S.]

  • Dukane is launching the Infinity with Melt-Match line of servo driven ultrasonic welders featuring a completely redesigned thruster, base, and column.

    The new system offers a number of features to accurately control all phases of the ultrasonic welding process. For instance, the Melt-Match technology along with the upgraded servo actuator and servo controller ensure that the contact force does not exceed the programmed value. A new load cell sensor provides better force sensing and digital force read-out, allowing better control of the trigger and welding force. A Melt-Detect feature resumes motion once the plastic material has started to melt, promoting a uniform melt and a hermetic seal. 

    The Infinity family provides better ultrasound frequency and amplitude control capabilities. It comes with a cassette-style ultrasonic stack assembly with lockable (fixed) horn orientation for tool-less ultrasonic stack installation and removal. A GUI LCD on the thruster and generator for status/data/alarm display provides instant feedback at a convenient location. Full compliance with EN 13849 safety standard with STO function is offered. 

    [Image courtesy of DUKANE]

  • Wabash MPI has announced a new line of carrier consoles for changing molds quickly.  The consoles allow users to place their molds on these extensions and roll them into the press for faster and easier mold changes, the company reported in a news release. They can be fitted to virtually any press either during the initial press build or retrofitted in the field, and they can also be easily removed for “no-tool” operation.

    Straight-line conveyor roller bars assist users with quick die changes and allow easy removability for clear access and standard adjustable mounting plates. The consoles are available up to 40 in. long with optional transition sections to bridge any gap between the platens. They are designed to support molds up to 4500 lb.

    [Image courtesy of WABASH MPI]

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