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Supplier Stories for the Week of October 13

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of October 13.

  • ProMed will be celebrating its 30th anniversary October 22-23. The company began with just one cleanroom for molding medical components and assemblies and is now a full-service provider of molded silicone components, biomaterial-grade plastic components, combination components (incorporating pharmaceuticals), value-added assemblies, and complete device assembly. Its focus has also expanded from primarily short- and long-term implantable products to meeting a wide range of medical device molding needs. It offers prototype through production volumes and can meet critical dimensional and cosmetic specifications. ProMed is one of a few companies in the world to provide contract manufacturing of drug-eluting products. Facilities are in Minneapolis, MN, and Dorado, Puerto Rico, with a total of 97,000 square feet of manufacturing space and approximately 225 employees.

    Its anniversary celebration will include an open house with seminars and presentations on October 22 and a reception on October 23 after exhibiting at Booth #1505 MD&M Minneapolis. (Click here to RSVP to ProMed’s events.) ProMed has exhibited at MD&M Minneapolis for 20 years.

    [Image courtesy of PROMED]

  • TE Connectivity has introduced the KMA36 Magnetic Encoder IC for applications requiring precise rotary and linear measurement, such as those involving digitization and miniaturization in sensors.

     “At TE Connectivity, we continue to evaluate market trends and fulfill demand needs in the sensor industry,” stated Michiel Boermans, product manager of TE sensors business, in a news release. “The KMA36 Magnetic Encoder IC is an excellent choice for applications where digital output and precise measurement are required. Complete with AMR technology, the KMA36 is a high-performing sensor that gives maximum design freedom and functionality for our customers.”

    The KMA36 is a precise universal magnetic Encoder IC for rotational or linear measurement with resolution up to 15 bit. It offers a sleep mode (reduced power) over I²C and programmable parameters that provide options for a wide range of configurations allowing for maximum design freedom and functionality. Anisotropic Magnetoresistive (AMR) technology allows precise and contactless 360° measurement over an external magnet and in linear applications.

    The encoder also has large air gap tolerance, enabling reliable measurement over temperature ranges and resilience against thermal stress.

    TE Connectivity will be exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis October 23-24 in Booth #1604. The company has exhibited at the show for 25 years.

    [Image courtesy of TE CONNECTIVITY]

  • OK International Corp. (OKI) has appointed Ann Marie Kellett as group president, effective September 1st, 2019. She has previously served as vice president and product manager of the OKI Sealer Division. OK sealer offers hot air sealers, band sealers, and integrated conveyors for a wide range of demanding end-user bags. 

    Kellett brings decades of experience to this role and has a proven track record of engaging customers and propelling their business to the next level, the company reported in a news release. Kellett and her father, Owen Kellett Sr., founded the company in 1982. OKI today specializes in "Single Source Solutions," providing a wide array of "end-of-line" system solutions.

    Says Kellett: “There is great opportunity for the OK International Group to have an impact on the packaging world, and I couldn’t be happier to lead OKI into the future.”

    [Image courtesy of OK INTERNATIONAL CORP.]

  • SYNEO has introduced the Accu-Drill DC402C, a machine for catheter manufacturing that combines the features of the company's Accu-Cut 202L and the Accu-Drill SD402C. The system is intended to reduce the cost of manufacturing catheter tubing components that require punched or drilled holes and precision cut lengths. This integration gives manufacturers increased processing capabilities while preserving cleanroom benchtop capacity and reducing necessary operator interaction, the company explained in a news release.

    “In an environment where medical device manufacturers are continuously looking to automate and combine processes for increased quality and reduced operating costs, this system was an obvious next step for SYNEO to develop,” explained Crew Feighery, SYNEO VP of business development, in a news release. “The DC402C combines two of our most popular systems into one robust platform and is a must-have for customers who are both drilling holes and cutting their catheter products to precise lengths.” 

    Other systems available for automating such manufacturing are products from SYNEO’s Accu-Feed, Accu-Test, and Accu-Bin product families, including spool or stick-feeding systems, in-line inspection, and pass/fail binning.

    SYNEO will be exhibiting at MD&M Minneapolis October 23-24 in Booth #1615.

    [Image courtesy of SYNEO]


  • Covestro AG and Align Technology Inc. are showcasing the Invisalign clear aligner system for straightening teeth made with SmartTrack material at Covestro's booth (Stand A 75 in Hall 6) the K 2019 show in Düsseldorf  October 16 – 23. Designed specifically for the Invisalign system, SmartTrack is a multilayer, highly elastic, transparent material jointly developed by Align Technology and Covestro. It was engineered over a span of eight years with more than 260 material variations developed and evaluated, the companies reported in a news release. 

    “The Invisalign system with SmartTrack material, SmartForce features, and SmartStage technology enables tooth misalignments to be corrected with greater than 75 percent improvement in overall tooth movement predictability,” stated Zelko Relic, chief technology officer and senior vice president, global R&D, at Align Technology, in the release. “This clear, highly elastic material makes Invisalign aligners easily inserted and removed by patients of all ages, from growing patients who have a mixture of primary and permanent teeth, to teens and adults.”

    Added Dr. Thorsten Dreier, global head of specialty films at Covestro: “The Invisalign system with patented SmartTrack material is a combination of an individual, digitally planned treatment and individually customized aligners by thermoforming films, which are manufactured by Covestro. Thanks to our joint materials research with Align Technology, we're providing foundation for a new, bright smile for millions of new patients across Europe and worldwide.”

    On October 18 at 12:00 pm at the Covestro booth, Markus Sebastian, senior vice president & managing director at Align Technology EMEA, will speak about the Invisalign system. Said Sebastian ahead of the talk:  “I would like to thank Covestro for inviting us to be part of this exciting showcase here at the K 2019 Trade Show in Düsseldorf. I am looking forward to sharing our cutting-edge technology that has enabled Invisalign trained doctors to create beautiful smiles for over 7 million people worldwide, including over 1 million patients in the EMEA region.”

    [Image courtesy of ALIGN TECHNOLOGY]

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