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Supplier Stories for the Week of November 25

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of November 25.

  • This is a compilation of the latest news from suppliers in the medical device industry.

    If you have news you’d like to submit for potential inclusion in this weekly roundup, please send a press release and any related images to [email protected] with the subject line “Supplier Stories.”


  • Spectrum Plastics Group

    Medical tubing extruder Spectrum Plastics Group has upgraded an e-commerce store on behalf of Apollo Medical Extrusion. The store features a quick-turn, “off-the-shelf” extrusion program that provides engineers with precision medical extrusions next day within North America and within 3 days internationally for European customers. Apollo represents the Advanced Extrusion Technology brand of Spectrum Plastics Group.

    “The new online store provides a fresh look and provides our customers with a simplified online shopping experience,” stated Steve Maxson, vice president of sales, Spectrum Plastics Specialty Products, in a news release. “It is an effective way to get product into customers’ hands as quickly as possible, and permits them to iterate new designs and configurations into their innovations.”

    Available as both stock and custom, products feature the most common medical-grade materials and additives related to catheter delivery system development and innovation, the company reported. Examples include single-lumen tubing with ultra-thin walls down to 0.003 in. (0.08 mm); dual, triple, and quad-lumen medical tubing; and 5-lumen steerable catheter liners. Tubing and catheters are available in Nylon 12, Pebax (35D-72D), PEEK, and FEP with radiopaque and low-friction additives.

    [Logo courtesy of SPECTRUM PLASTICS GROUP] 


    Spectrum Plastics Group
  • Precision Micro

    Precision Micro offers photo chemical etching services, including processes for hard-to-machine, high-performance metals. Its etching process offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional sheet metalworking when machining precision parts from thin-gauge metals, the company reported in a news release. Applications include components for surgical instruments, titanium implants, a wide range of consumer electronics, aircraft engines, zero-emission vehicle technology, and more. 

    At its processing plant in Birmingham, UK, the company manufactures more than 50 million high-precision metal components each year for major global manufacturing customers across multiple markets. This year the company will unveil its new brand identity following a recent £22.5m private equity backed management buyout (MBO) from global aerospace, defence, and energy group Meggitt PLC, it was reported. 

    [Image of a photo-etched bone saw courtesy of PRECISION MICRO]


    Precision Micro
  • TurboFlex Heaters LLC

    TurboFlex Heaters LLC has launched its new business in the flexible heater industry offering concept, prototype, and low-volume heaters to medical device, industrial, commercial, and general markets. In a cooperative effort with Heated Stone Products, TurboFlex will use Heated Stone Products’s automated fabrication processes to produce fast-turn, affordable flexible heaters for concept and prototypes for all types of OEMs.

    “There is a high demand for prototype and small-volume customized flexible heaters with a fast turnaround time,” explained Jahn Stopperan, president of TurboFlex Heaters, in a news release. “Early in the design process, engineers desire functional heaters that fit their unique package so they can assess thermal performance. They don’t want to wait months and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars. And certainly, they don’t want a long lead time on a heater to slow down their development project.”

    The company’s fully automated online ordering system allows products to be delivered in days, the company reported. An online ordering tool captures information from customers and allows them to upload an image file, photograph, sketch, or print of the desired heater shape. TurboFlex requires no tooling charges, no set-up fees, and no premium costs, the company reported. 

    [Image courtesy of TURBOFLEX HEATERS]

    TurboFlex Heaters LLC
  • Dymax Corp.

    Dymax Corp. has unveiled the BlueWave MX-Series Multichannel Controller designed to provide manufacturers with greater curing flexibility. Compatible with all BlueWave MX-150 spot curing, MX-150 flood curing, and MX-2575 light bar system with VisiCure (405nm), RediCure (365 nm), or PrimeCure (385nm) emitters, the controller eases switching between flood and spot-curing configurations. For spot-curing, a single MX-Series Multichannel Controller can be used in combination with the MX-150 curing system and multi-pole lightguides to allow for up to 16 individual cure spots from a single controller.

    The controller allows manufacturers to power up to four emitter workstations at once, independently or in any combination to provide flood and light bar patterns. The CE marked controller also features an LCD touchscreen interface, separate admin and production modes, and footswitch or PLC activation for easy incorporation into automated systems.

    [Image courtesy of DYMAX CORP.]


    Dymax Corp.
  • Kendall Packaging

    Kendall Packaging has installed a new laminator with cold seal technology. Cold seal or self-seal adhesives can be used for a wide range of applications including medical product packaging. Advantages include high production speeds, sealing with no heat, and web-handling technology, the company reported.

    The Nordmeccanica Super Combi 4000 laminator was installed at Kendall Packaging’s Jefferson, WI, location; it is the first of its kind at the facility and the company’s third overall Nordmeccanica laminator. The compact machine is capable of solventless laminating, single-station flexo printing/coating, rotogravure coating, and cold seal coating.

    The combination coater/laminator is the latest in a series of technology investments. The company recently established identical facilities for their own backup.

    [Logo courtesy of KENDALL PACKAGING]

    Kendall Packaging

Daphne Allen

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