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Supplier Stories for the Week of May 3

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of May 3, with many suppliers responding to needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Inventus Power

    Inventus Power, a supplier of lithium-ion battery packs, chargers, and power supplies to medical device OEMs, is supporting increased demands during the global pandemic. The company has experience with a range of Class I, II and III medical applications, including respiratory ventilators, aspirators, ventricular assist devices, infusion pumps, diagnostic and imaging equipment, and other critically needed medical devices.

    “I am very proud of our employees across the globe for their resolve and unwavering commitment to our customers. They are truly living our core values and playing a part in this global fight against COVID-19,” said Patrick Trippel, president and CEO, in a news release.

    Inventus Power is prepared to support customer needs at its ISO 13485 certified manufacturing sites in the United States, Mexico, and China, ramping up its global supply resources and production capacity. The company is also ensuring the safety of Inventus Power employees by following necessary protocol and implementing workplace safety accommodations for all essential staff who remain onsite.

    [Image courtesy of INVENTUS POWER]

    Inventus Power
  • Isometric Micro Molding Inc.

    Brent Hahn has joined Isometric Micro Molding Inc. as global director of sales and marketing. The company specializes in micro injection molding and automated miniaturized assembly solutions for medical and implantable drug delivery applications.

    Hahn has worked in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors for more than 20 years, having been involved in bringing new technologies to market, implementing customer-centric solutions, and penetrating new domestic and international markets. His experience covers markets within cardiovascular, neurovascular, pharmaceutical, diabetes, vision, as well as sports medicine, and his work spans a wide variety of technologies that include micro molding, bioresorbable molding, engineering, medical-grade and resorbable resins, collagen, UHMWPE fibers, hydrophilic coatings, and drug delivery platforms. Before joining Isometric Micro Molding, Hahn held the role of global director of sales at DSM Biomedical.

    “We are thrilled to have Brent join the Isometric team," Donna Bibber, vice president of business development for Isometric Micro Molding Inc., stated in a news release. "He’s been an esteemed colleague of mine for over 15 years in the medical device market space. Brent mirrors Isometric’s passion for customer solutions and service with integrity and tenacity. His ability to approach solutions with a strategic, yet practical, approach is critical for ensuring our customer’s success. We are eager to add Brent’s biomaterials experience to our robust portfolio of services, to help our customers with high value materials such as bioresorbable polymers and custom formulations. His reputation is long-standing and stellar; with Brent joining us, we can execute at a higher level.”

    [Logo courtesy of ISOMETRIC MICRO MOLDING INC.]


    Isometric Micro Molding Inc.
  • Eastman and Rotuba

    Eastman and Rotuba are working together to produce face shields for medical personnel on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rotuba will use Eastman cellulose acetate, a material providing optical quality and chemical resistance to hospital cleaning agents, for producing 75,000–100,000 splash guards per week.

    "Eastman and Rotuba have had a long relationship spanning over five decades of developing items consumers buy every day," stated Adam Bell, president, Rotuba and Pen Company of America, in a news release. "When we needed a reliable supply of cellulose acetate for these face shields, we turned to Eastman." Using an existing material in a new application enabled Rotuba to quickly transition its business operations from manufacturing pens to manufacturing face shields.

    "Eastman is proud to work with Rotuba to provide much-needed supplies to those who need them most," added Reinier de Graaf, marketing director, Eastman specialty plastics — diversified, in the release. "We will continue to work with companies across the value chain to quickly adapt their operations to meet unmet needs during this crisis."​

    Added Bell: "Keeping our workforce utilized by producing the face shields instead of pens has been a great help. Thanks to the support and continued partnership Eastman has provided, we have been able to keep 35 workers employed who might have otherwise been furloughed or laid off as a result of the crisis."

    [Image courtesy of EASTMAN and ROTUBA]

    Eastman and Rotuba
  • Simco-Ion

    Simco-Ion has launched the IQ Power Fantom HL Blower, describing it as the first smart, ionizing air blower designed for static elimination in hazardous locations.

    The Fantom HL Blower is designed for static elimination in Class I, Division 1 & 2, Group D hazardous locations where the neutralization of static charges is critical for both personnel and environmental safety. When coupled with the IQ Power Control Station, it can achieve detailed monitoring and communications, accessible calibration, adjustable clean bar threshold, and monitoring of the ion output. And when used with the IQ Power HL Sensor, closed-loop feedback is available for optimal ion output and ion balance control.

    [Image courtesy of SIMCO-ION]

  • Midwest Products & Engineering

    Midwest Products & Engineering, a design and manufacturing partner to medical device and equipment OEMs, has launched the Emergency Response Cart for supporting various ventilators and their respective workflows necessary during the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

    Described as the largest custom medical cart manufacturer in the United States, MPE went from sketch to market ready product in only 10 days.

    "We have resolved to be part of the solution," stated Hank Kohl, MPE President and CEO, in a news release. "From initial concepts to full volume production, MPE has delivered a medical cart optimized to support over 90% of ventilators. In addition, we are working with all of the major medical distribution partners in order to get these ventilator carts to end users as quickly as possible."

    Featuring a durable yet lightweight design, the cart provides an all-inclusive device shelf, basket, total lock medical grade casters, and three mounting rails to hold the ventilator circuit arm, humidifier, and other necessary equipment. It can also carry oxygen tanks for transport of a ventilated patient or for use in locations that lack an oxygen supply, the company reported.


    Midwest Products & Engineering
  • HLP Klearfold, a wholly-owned North American subsidiary of Hip Lik Packaging Products

    HLP Klearfold, a wholly-owned North American subsidiary of Hip Lik Packaging Products (Hong Kong), has shifted a significant portion of its manufacturing capabilities to produce three disposable face shields, two of them from its own designs. HLP Klearfold is the largest plastic folding carton supplier to the North American market and Hip Lik is the world’s largest producer, the company shared in a news release. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, HLP Klearfold and Hip Lik Packaging Products have  supplied tens-of-millions of face shields to government and medical agencies in Asia, Europe, and now North America, it reported. The shields are made using the same raw materials, technology, and equipment used to manufacture the company’s plastic packaging.

    “We applaud the manufacturing community’s efforts to reallocate resources to produce PPE to help protect our front-line healthcare and other workers,” stated HLP Klearfold President, Steve Frazier, in the release. “HLP Klearfold leadership in the clear plastic packaging market has made us uniquely qualified to produce face shields. Our production facility is the largest facility of its kind in the world. We have the capacity to make approximately 1 million printed plastic folding cartons per day but, in light of the need for more PPE, we’ve dedicated much of our focus and manufacturing resources to producing face shields, and we are able to manufacture nearly 600,000 per day.”

    HLP Klearfold and Hip Lik Packaging Products are vertically integrated, meaning that they first manufacture the PET and PP films required to make these plastic face shields using several custom PET and PP extruders. The company therefore has no material supply limitations.

    All three of the face shields are Class 1 medical devices for use by healthcare professionals, and HLP Klearfold’s and Hip Lik Packaging Products’ manufacturing facility has been authorized by FDA under the COVID-19 pandemic Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by healthcare professionals for medical purposes.


    HLP Klearfold, a wholly-owned North American subsidiary of Hip Lik Packaging Products
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