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Supplier Stories for the Week of March 1

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of March 1.

  • Oliver Healthcare Packaging

    Oliver Healthcare Packaging has opened a new office and technical development center and expanded its team in Singapore. The technical development center will enable customers to work directly with technical experts to design, troubleshoot, and test their medical packaging.

    “Since establishing our regional headquarters in Singapore in 2018, Oliver has experienced outstanding growth in the Asia-Pacific region,” stated Aldin Velic, general manager—Southeast Asia for Oliver, in a news release. “Building solid sales, marketing, and technical teams has allowed us to help customers navigate a strict regulatory environment, while providing them with the highest quality materials to meet their application needs. We are excited to fully support our customers’ packaging needs from design through testing, and our investments further underscore the partnership approach and technical expertise that truly differentiates Oliver in the market.” 

    Added Michael Benevento, Oliver’s president & CEO: “Oliver is proud to increase our footprint in Southeast Asia with a beautiful new office and an expanded team. Driven by the continued entry of global multinational medical device manufacturers, plus an active MedTech innovation community, the medical device industry in this region is poised for robust growth, with Singapore playing a central role. Oliver will continue to invest in Southeast Asia to best support the needs of our customers.” 

    In the above image, Velic is shown in the middle while Benevento is left of Velic in the blue tie.

    [Image courtesy of OLIVER HEALTHCARE PACKAGING] 

    Oliver Healthcare Packaging
  • Koganei International America Inc. 

    Koganei International America Inc. offers the Cell Master DTRB Series, a line of 3-axis desktop robots with an A4 size footprint. The Cell Master family of all-purpose robots is designed to fit a variety of applications from industrial to workshops and hobbies.

    The Cell Master is accurate to ±0.02 mm (0.001 in.) and easily portable, weighing just 5.5 Kg (12 lb), the company reported in a news release. With a compact body and easy-to-operate controls, the robot is suitable for dedicated production or simple cellular production lines, as it facilitates new configurations of multiple processes in a compact space.

    Features are described as:

    • Compact footprint: 210 x 300 mm
    • Simple operation with easy-to-use teaching box or DTRB Editor
    • RS232C connection to external computer
    • Step motor actuators with microstepping controller
    • 4thaxis option
    • 9 models with various configurations including 2 and 3-axis Cartesian or Gantry
    • 2-axis circular and 3-axis linear interpolation

    Koganei International America is a subsidiary of the Koganei Corp. Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Koganei Corp. is a pioneer in the pneumatic industry, specializing in miniaturization. 


    Koganei International America Inc. 
  • Zeus Industrial Products Inc.

    Zeus Industrial Products Inc. has expanded its StreamLiner family of thin, extruded PTFE catheter liners to extrude liners over-the-wire (OTW) in sizes comparable to film cast tubing, but with greater strength, the company reported in a news release. Described as the thinnest extruded liner yet, the new StreamLiner OTW UT offers a nominal wall thickness as low as 0.0004 in. (0.0102 mm) with a tolerance of +/- 0.0002 in. (0.0051 mm).

    Potential catheter applications for the StreamLiner OTW family include occlusion balloon catheters, micro catheters, mechanical and aspiration thrombectomy catheters, intermediate catheters, guiding catheters with and without balloons, and support catheters, Zeus reported.

    "Zeus continues to lead with its technological innovations in PTFE liners. Using a state-of-the-art process, our new StreamLiner OTW lineup opens the doors to new possibilities for catheter manufacturers," stated Bob Chaney, senior vice president, global sales & marketing, Zeus Industrial Products Inc., in the release. "Currently, no other polymer solution provider can supply an extruded PTFE liner with comparable wall thickness, flexibility and strength. Zeus is the only company in the market capable of delivering flexible PTFE liners extruded over wire with the lowest wall thickness."

    Added Matt Allen, senior product line manager, Zeus Industrial Products Inc.: "StreamLiner OTW bridges the gap between film cast liners and free extruded liners by providing extremely thin walls, flexibility, and strength. These features enable more catheter design options, which ultimately translates to better tractability, deliverability and overall performance – all without compromising patient safety."

    [Image courtesy of ZEUS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS]

    Zeus Industrial Products Inc.
  • The Faulhaber Group

    Faulhaber has developed the new sterilizable 2057…BA family of motors for medical applications such as the handpieces of dental or surgical hand-held instruments or in ventilators.

    Fitted in a moisture-resistant, stainless-steel housing, the motors were tested for resistance to the loads experienced during autoclaving and found to be able to withstand 1000 cycles in the autoclave. For the sensor-free variant, this value is 1500 cycles.

    The 2057…BA series are optimized for high speeds of up to 65,000 rpm, and, like all motors from Faulhaber, are characterised by high power values in relation to their volume. They are therefore very well suited for tight installation situations. Their low weight suits them for handheld devices, which are often used for delicate tasks, over several hours.

    [Image courtesy of FAULHABER MICROMO]

    The Faulhaber Group
  • The medical device repair and service business of Tenacore Holdings Inc. has been acquired by an investor group led by The Courtney Group Inc. Tenacore is an ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device service and repair company that operates across all 50 states. It repairs and services medical devices and sells new and used medical equipment, including patient monitors, infusion pumps, portable ventilators, and telemetry transmitters.

    Investors in the transaction include The Courtney Group, Centerfield Capital Partners, and Jim Willett, a professional with experience in the manufacture and design of medical devices as well as the outsourced management of hospital equipment. The Courtney Group recruited Willett to join Tenacore as CEO. Peter Bonin and Brand Caso, who founded Tenacore in 2000, will continue to retain significant ownership in the company.

    “Tenacore has established a reputation for excellent work and fast turnaround times. Our plan will be to maintain that commitment to quality and service as we seek to grow our business geographically," stated Willett in a news release. "Tenacore has an impressive and highly skilled team in place. As we execute our strategic growth plan, we intend to expand and complement the existing team, with the goal of providing an increased breadth of products and services to our customers. We look forward to pursuing growth opportunities that the company did not previously have the resources to pursue.”

    Partners Tom Courtney, Ed McKenna, and Alan Macksey of The Courtney Group led the transaction and will serve on the board of Tenacore. Stated Tom Courtney in the release: “We are looking forward to our partnership with Jim Willett, an accomplished executive who has built and managed successful businesses, in addition to the strong team Peter Bonin and Brand Caso have built at Tenacore.”

    [Logo courtesy of TENACORE]

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