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Supplier Stories for the Week of June 9

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of June 9.

  • TTP Ventus has launched its latest product line, the LT Series, developed to serve applications with demanding operational life requirements across the medical, life science, environmental, and industrial sectors. The LT Series offers in excess of 5,000 hours’ continuous operation across a wide temperature range of -25 to +40°C.

    “The LT series marks a significant step forward in the lifetime capacity of our technology," said Tom Harrison, business development manager, TTP Ventus, in a news release. "The first two models in the series extend the envelope over previous designs, allowing us to support 6 months’ continuous operation. It is remarkable to consider that over this time, cycling 20,000 times per second, the pump will clock up more than 20 cycles for every year the universe has existed.

    “We are committed to pushing the capability of our designs and are developing models offering further improvements to performance and life," he continued. "We have a series of products planned for release over the course of the next year, ultimately targeting a pump rated to 10,000 hours in 2020.”

    [Image courtesy of TTP VENTUS]

  • Protolabs has introduced an all-new color-matching system into its plastic injection molding service, PolyOne’s PINPOINT Express Color and Dosing System, featuring 3M precision dispensing and dosing technologies. The system enables Protolabs to develop custom colors on site, reducing the time it takes to mold short-run plastic parts in precise colors.

    When a part design is ready, customers can specify the Pantone number required or provide a sample part that can be scanned and color matched. Next, once a material is selected from 13 available resin combinations, PolyOne’s PINPOINT system can be used to create a liquid formula that is dispensed and mixed before moving to the injection molding press, the company explained. The material is then fed through the doser and injection molded. The result is parts—in custom colors—in customers’ hands within days versus weeks as it traditionally takes.

    “These new color-matching capabilities are a huge leap for the manufacturing industry, one stacked with benefits for our customers who are developing highly tailored products,” said Joel Matthews, global product manager at Protolabs, in a news release. “With development cycles shrinking to meet the market demand for increased customization, this is yet another tool to help our customers accelerate product launches and streamline supply chains.”

    According to Andy Homyk, senior engineer at medical device firm HemoSonics: “Speed and flexibility—being able to deploy different manufacturing options—and a commitment to customer service, are the main reasons we use Protolabs.”

    [Image courtesy of PROTOLABS]

  • MasterControl has released its newest solution, MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence, for transforming manufacturers’ production records by: 

    • Removing remaining paper from the shop floor to ensure that product reviews and releases are fully digital, connected, and accelerated.
    • Eliminating preventable errors, long review cycles, and costly waste created by manual data entry processes to get production right the first time.
    • Reducing friction between operations and quality assurance priorities and metrics to improve line performance and accelerate production.

    The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution has a patent-pending builder tool allowing organizations to configure the digital solution to their existing processes. The builder tool houses the global elements of the manufacturing processes, allowing users to update once and have information propagated throughout the system.

    “Over the past decade, the manufacturing industry has adopted an arsenal of software systems in an attempt to better manage complex equipment, processes, data and planning. But as technology continues to advance and customer demands compound, these systems are falling short,” said MasterControl CEO Jon Beckstrand in a news statement. “It’s more important than ever that manufacturers move away from inefficient, insecure, and costly paper-based and hybrid processes. To remain competitive in an age of data-driven intelligence and smart manufacturing, manufacturers must successfully digitally transform, and we’re thrilled to help them do just that with our new manufacturing-specific, cloud-based solution.”

    The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution includes the following tools:

    • MasterControl EBR for streamlining and maintaining orderly master batch and batch production records.
    • MasterControl eDHR for controlling device history records (DHRs) and device master records (DMRs).
    • MasterControl Recipe for managing recipe changes and substitutions in a single master recipe template.
    • MasterControl Variant for managing product family variation changes and substitutions in one master template.
    • MasterControl Equipment Calibration for automating equipment calibration for more efficient manufacturing performance.
    • MasterControl Equipment Maintenance for managing the equipment maintenance schedule and automatically generating preventive maintenance tasks before they’re due.

    The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution is available now to any manufacturing organization. For more information on the solution, including demos and pricing, please visit here

    [Image courtesy of MASTERCONTROL]

  • The Accsense Online Monitoring system from CAS Dataloggers can be used to monitor the required physical parameters (temperature, humidity and pressure) in surgical suites and cleanrooms. They have been used by healthcare facilities such as Stanford Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, among many others, the company reported in a news release.

    For comprehensive monitorng, Accsense A1-01a Environmental Data Logger pods can be used to record general environmental measurements in surgical suites and cleanrooms and can capture almost any physical parameter with the addition of third-party sensors.

    For surgery suite monitoring, the Accsense A1-01a can connect to a differential pressure sensor to continually monitor the differential pressure inside the surgery room and also help staff identify air leaks.

    For cleanroom monitoring, an Accsense measurement pod can be connected to a delta pressure transducer across the room wall so that facility personnel can monitor the positive pressure of the cleanroom space. This prevents microbes and other contaminants from crossing the sterile barrier, especially for areas with infectious disease concerns, the company reported. Monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity also helps avoid microbial growth.

    [Image courtesy of CAS DATALOGGER INC.] 

  • Clariant has announced a new flat-profile molecular-sieve desiccant, the ADP Plate. Flat-profile desiccant cards can be used for package moisture control when traditional pouch-style desiccant sachets do not fit, such as in flat packages or packets.

    New ADP Plate desiccants offer very high moisture protection for medical and diagnostic devices, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical powders, and other package ingredients that require a very dry package environment, the company reported in a news release. Available in a standard 85 mm x 53 mm x 1.6 mm size or in custom sizes, they feature injection-molded plastic cards embedded with highly adsorbent molecular sieve desiccant. 

    Clariant can help customers select the ideal option based on the product application.

    [Image courtesy of CLARIANT]

  • Rapid Product Solutions Inc. (RPS), which serves manufacturers in a broad range of industries including medical and others, has launched its new corporate branding and a streamlined Web site. The company utilizes 3D printing technologies (such as SLA, SLS, and FDM), rapid CNC machining, short production batches, injection molding, presentation models, SLA QuickCast patterns, and sheet metal.

    "Our new branding and website reflect who we are and what our philosophy has been all along: a steadfast, forward-thinking supplier who is devoted to helping organizations quickly and efficiently produce the products they design," said Max Gerdts, CEO of Rapid Product Solutions Inc.

    [Logo courtesy of RAPID PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS]


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