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Supplier Stories for the Week of June 23

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of June 23.

  • S.S. White Technologies reports that a custom S.S. White flexible shaft is being used to drive a new Medtronic device for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR). The shaft is central to the Heli-FX EndoAnchor System and maneuvers and installs a staple to secure endografts in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (TAA) cases, the company reported in a news release.

    “S.S. White is an industry leader in understanding the customer requirement, and then translating that into the actual construction of the shaft,” stated Mohan Krishnan, PhD, senior engineering director, supply management, at Medtronic Cardiac and Vascular Group, in the release. The Heli-FX EndoAnchor System shaft design includes laser-welded fittings for a reduced diameter.

    Flexible shafts transmit rotary motion much like a solid shaft, but can be curved over, under, and around areas in ways a solid shaft cannot, S.S. White explained. This ability enables the minimally invasive Medtronic applicator system to position the proximal and distal ends of an implant (an anchor) within a blood vessel and to deploy the spiral anchor into the vascular wall, it was reported.

    In addition to such anchoring, S.S. White shafts have been provided for handheld screw drivers, heart valve repair, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical equipment, and robotic assisted surgery technology such as the Da Vinci surgical system, the company added.

    [Image courtesy of S.S. White]


  • Dukane has acquired Blackhawk Technology Group, a systems, services, and contract manufacturer for laser plastic welding. With experience in solutions for insulin delivery devices, smart inhalers, and hearing aids, the company offers end-to-end services ranging from basic material tests to full process development and contract manufacturing.

    “Dukane’s unique ability to weld clear to clear (2-micron) components without the need for additives has grown the demand for our laser technology," stated Mike Johnston, Dukane president & CEO, in a news release. "In addition, because of our global support and advanced LaserLinQ technology, customers are requesting Laser technology for 1-micron opaque to colored weld applications. This increasing demand makes acquiring Blackhawk a perfect fit for Dukane. I’m very excited about the Blackhawk team joining Dukane, their impressive enthusiasm and years of experience in the 2-micron Laser applications allows us to broaden our product offering to meet whatever laser welding application you might have.” 

    Dax Hamilton, founder and managing director, will join Dukane as director and global product manager – laser plastic welding. “Joining the Dukane Team benefits Blackhawk by being able to tap into a much larger sales network and instantly scale our business," added Hamilton. "In addition, Dukane has a strong global service and support team helping us, not only in North America, but in Asia and Europe as well. We are confident that with this additional support it will fuel significant growth.” 

    Blackhawk brings to Dukane a state-of-the-art lab, on-site machine shop, 3D printing, and a team that has accomplished hundreds of successful applications, it was reported.

    [Image courtesy of DUKANE]

  • ELIX Polymers has added two new grades to the Ultimaker Marketplace for 3D printing equipment FDM applications, one of which is suitable for medical applications. 

    ELIX 3D-FC is certified for medical and food contact applications, complying with the ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI standards determining biocompatibility, the company reported in a news release. Certification covers the whole material recipe, including color pigments (the material is available in different colors), it explained.

    “We are very excited to make these new ABS materials available via the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program, particularly as some of our traditional injection moulding customers are now starting to adopt Ultimaker 3D printers,” said Luca Chiochia, ELIX Business development Manager, in a news release.  At Ultimaker, Bart van As, product manager materials, added: “I am very happy that these specialty materials are added to the expanding range of materials available in the Ultimaker Marketplace. Together with our partners, we are opening up new applications for 3D printing with our printers.”

    Through the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program, three partner companies are producing filament from ELIX ABS: 3R3D, based in Spain; Filoalfa brand owner Ciceri de Mondel (Italy); and Print-me (Poland). 

    “We are really proud to cooperate with ELIX and be part of the Ultimaker Alliance Program,“ stated Antonio Berera, research and development manager at Ciceri de Mondel, in the release. “Our company has innovation and research to develop better 3D printing materials in its DNA. We believe the results we have achieved together are very interesting in the panorama of ABS for 3D printing.”

    From Print-me, Mateusz Kasprowiak added: “We are able to make such good quality filaments thanks to the excellent raw materials from ELIX Polymers optimized for 3D printing. We are proud of having the opportunity to participate in the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program, and that our material works with Ultimaker hardware.”

    “Our customers demand more and more warranty of performance of our filaments in 3D printers, and require accurate and clear print profiles,” added Josu Aseguinolaza at 3R3D. “Our company is participating with its wide range of eco-sustainable and high-performance filaments in open programs involving several brands of 3D FDM printers, with ELIX Polymers materials, and with other compounders.”

    [Image courtesy of ELIX POLYMERS]

  • OFS has expanded its Rollable Ribbon Cable Solution to include connectorized assemblies.  The company designs, manufactures, and provides optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, fiber-to-the-subscriber (FTTx) and specialty photonics products for uses in medicine, industrial automation, sensing, telecommunications, government, aerospace, and defense.

    Rollable ribbon fiber optic cables can help users achieve significant time and cost savings using mass fusion splicing while also doubling their fiber density in a given duct size compared to traditional flat ribbon cable designs, the company reported. Each OFS rollable ribbon within a cable features 12 individual optical fibers that are partially bonded to each other at predetermined points. These ribbons can be “rolled” into a flexible and compact bundle.

    [Logo couresy of OFS]

Daphne Allen

Daphne Allen is editor-in-chief of MD+DI. She previously served as executive editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, which serves as the pharmaceutical and medical device channel of Packaging Digest. Daphne has covered medical device manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and regulatory issues as well as pharmaceutical packaging and labeling for more than 20 years. She is also a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals's Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee. Follow her on Twitter at @daphneallen.


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