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Supplier Stories for the Week of June 16

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of June 16.

  • Foster Corp. has broken ground on a new state-of-the-art 55,780-sq-ft manufacturing facility next to its headquarters in Putnam, CT. 

    “Foster’s recent growth has necessitated the new building as both our compounding and distribution businesses have grown to the point that space would become a limiting factor for Foster if we didn’t make this move," stated Larry Acquarulo, Foster CEO and owner, in a news release. "The new building will not only allow our growth to continue, but it will also allow us to grow in new markets where we haven’t been able to compete in the past, including larger volume medical applications.

    “The new facility will house both compounding manufacturing assets and as well as hold inventory for our growing distribution business and our plan is to invest heavily to expand our capabilities, and our market footprint in next 5 to 6 years,” Acquarulo added.

    The new facility is expected to bring new jobs to the Putnam, CT, area. “We are happy with what we have been able to accomplish with cooperation between the area leaders and Foster and will continue to work with area leaders to add jobs as we grow. It’s been a good partnership,” said Acquarulo.

    [Image courtesy of FOSTER CORP.]

  • Scapa Healthcare highlights its new Knox County, TN, medical device manufacturing facility for the advanced wound care, consumer wellness, and medical device fixation markets. The 152,000-sq-ft facility doubles Scapa Healthcare’s Knoxville footprint into a single site of operations, allowing for greater operational efficiency through proximity and scale, the company reported in a news release.

    The new facility was designed for efficient workflow and materials movement across the cleanroom, printing, packaging, and warehouse departments. “The new manufacturing facility is our Turn-Key Center of Excellence for North America. We have heavily invested in new capabilities to continue providing customers with innovative solutions,” stated Joe Doherty, President, Scapa Healthcare, in the release. “We are committed to the Knox County community as we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with global customers.”

    The new facility has already created employment opportunities in the region and is anticipated to add 100 new jobs in Knox County over the next five years, the company reported.

    [Image courtesy of SCAPA HEALTHCARE]

  • Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) will host the webinar, “Developments in Conformal Coatings for Tomorrow’s Advanced Technologies,” on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 2 p.m. EDT. SCS’s Dustin England, senior polymer chemist, and Dick Molin, medical market manager, will discuss Parylene’s unique properties, its method of deposition, advances made in adhesion technologies, and examples of applications that benefit from Parylene’s properties. They will also review SCS’s newest halogen-free variant, ParyFree.

    Conformal coatings can be used to protect components, assemblies, and devices from their operating environments, providing barrier protection, electrical insulation, improved lubricity, immobilization of particulates, and stabilization of delicate structures, the company stated in an announcement on the webinar. However, some modern coatings are unable to protect the small, increasingly complex devices designed for the latest innovative technologies, it explained. "Parylene is a dense, ultra-thin, inert, transparent coating that meets these unique challenges, providing highly useful dielectric and barrier properties per unit thickness, as well as extreme chemical inertness and freedom from pinholes," the company stated.

    Described as "biocompatible," Parylene could be used on a range of implantable and non-implantable medical devices such as stents, critical electronic assemblies, cardio and neurostim devices, and much more.

    [Logo courtesy of SPECIALTY COATING SYSTEMS]

  • Kallik has updated its AMS360 solution. Release 6 centralizes diverse product portfolios in one single cloud-based platform and offers transparency across all channels so compliance can be demonstrated within seconds. Global companies can derive printed and electronic labelling from one integrated solution. 

    “Global organisations now have the ability to source an integrated solution which provides complete oversight and data transparency across both printed and electronic labelling. Not only is a faster user experience being offered with this update, it also brings new productivity gains to activities such as data capture, content collation and impact analysis," said Ashley Goldie, managing director of Kallik, in a news release. “Release 6 of AMS360 redefines the benchmarks for accuracy and efficiency of global labelling. With organisations seeking to derive greater efficiencies whilst continuing to satisfy increasingly stringent legislation and regulation, we truly believe it is a very needed and necessary solution.”

    A brand-new user interface eases content collation while providing greater visibility of assigned tasks and progress, the company stated.

    [Logo courtesy of Kallik]

  • Tekni-Plex has acquired three manufacturing facilities from Amcor’s Flexible Packaging business unit. Located in Madison and Milwaukee, WI, and Ashland, MA, the facilities offer a range of sterilizable medical device packaging substrates including coated and uncoated Tyvek, heat-seal and cold-seal coated paper and films, medical-grade laminates, and die-cut lids and labels.

    “The acquisition expands our complex packaging solution portfolio for medical device manufacturers, many of whom have been supplied by our Colorite, Natvar, and Dunn medical products businesses for decades,” said Paul Young, president and chief executive officer, Tekni-Plex, in a news release. “The acquisition of these three plants also brings us 150 highly qualified and experienced employees who form the backbone of the business. We are happy to welcome them to the Tekni team of 3,000 strong across the world.”

    “Genstar is excited to be sponsoring Tekni-Plex’s acquisition of the Amcor plants, as we continue to focus efforts on expanding our healthcare-related packaging capabilities,” added David Golde, managing director, Genstar Capital.

    Tekni-Plex is headquartered in Wayne, PA, and operates manufacturing sites across eight countries.

    [Logo courtesy of TEKNI-PLEX INC.]

  • The University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering recently opened an electrical and computer engineering laboratory donated by the Omron Foundation, the charitable arm of automation solutions provider Omron in the United States. The lab includes advanced technologies and equipment donated by Omron.

    At the lab’s opening ceremony, UH faculty and Omron representatives looked at a variety of senior capstone projects, including a sorting robot and a mobile robotic billboard.

    Said Len Trombetta, the associate department chair, in a news release: “Prospective employers will expect them to speak intelligently about what they worked on for their design project so the experience they gain at this stage is very important. This makes our graduates very marketable because these are skills companies want. We’re grateful to Omron for making this possible.”

    Addeed Omron Automation Americas President, CEO and COO Robb Black: “We want to bring the skills they have learned in school into the manufacturing sector.  I think it’s a great way for students to learn real-world technology and apply it once they leave.”

    Omron Foundation has been supporting the Cullen College’s electrical and computer engineering students since 2010, when it established the Omron Scholarship in electrical engineering and sponsored a team of students applying their engineering knowledge to real-world industry problems in the Capstone Design course. Omron also provides one-on-one mentoring to UH engineering students.

    [Image courtesy of OMRON]

Daphne Allen

Daphne Allen is editor-in-chief of MD+DI. She previously served as executive editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, which serves as the pharmaceutical and medical device channel of Packaging Digest. Daphne has covered medical device manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and regulatory issues as well as pharmaceutical packaging and labeling for more than 20 years. She is also a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals's Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee. Follow her on Twitter at @daphneallen.


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