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Supplier Stories for the Week of January 21

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of January 21.

  • This is a compilation of the latest news from suppliers in the medical device industry. If you have news you’d like to submit for potential inclusion in this weekly roundup, please send a press release and any related images to [email protected] with the subject line “Supplier Stories.”


  • Sensirion is launching the SFM4200 mass flow meter suitable for gas mixing in medical applications. Measuring air, oxygen, and other non-corrosive gases, the SFM4200 can be operated up to 8 bar pressure and offers a signal processing time of 0.5 ms, making the sensor incredibly fast, the company reports in a press release. "Its pressure resistance makes it ideally suited to high-volume medical applications such as oxygen gas mixing in respiratory applications, where the sensor is integrated into the high-pressure side," the company stated. The gas flow rate is measured by a thermal sensor element that ensures very fast signal processing time and accurate bidirectional measurement.  

    The SFM4200 is based on Sensirion’s patented CMOSens sensor technology, which combines the sensor element, signal processing, and digital calibration on a single microchip. 

    At MD&M West 2018 (February 6-8) Booth #811, Sensirion is presenting both new and further developed sensors for humidity and temperature, gas flow, and liquid flow as well as differential pressure. 

    [Image courtesy of SENSIRION]

  • Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex company, will highlight rigid and flexible packaging materials for medical device and pharmaceutical applications at MD&M West 2018 Booth #2027 (February 6-8). 

    In particular, Tekni-Films will showcase its TekniMD PX copolyester film series with grades that offer a cost-effective alternative to PETG for thermoformed medical tray packaging.

    The company also offers a laminated alternative to PVC for thermoformed pharmaceutical blister applications, an ultra-high barrier PVDC coating, and a wide variety of other multilayer packaging structures with oxygen and water vapor barrier properties necessary to protect pharmaceutical and medical device products.

    [Image courtesy of TEKNI-FILMS, A TEKNI-PLEX COMPANY] 

  • TT Electronics is introducing the HPWC (high-pulse withstanding chip) range of high-energy surge resistor products suitable for power supplies, circuit breakers, motor drives, and medical monitor input protection. These resistors are designed to maximize the level of surge performance available in a single-sided flat chip design. Available in four sizes from 0805 to 2512, HPWC resistors can withstand up to 6.5kV peak for a 1.2/50us surge and up to 3kW for a 0.1ms pulse, the company reports in a news release.

    The new resistor is "essentially an evolution of TT Electronics’ PWC (pulse withstanding chip) resistors but where the resistance value is adjusted by precise process control rather than by laser trimming," the company reported. "This process maximises and improves the level of surge performance available in a single-sided flat chip design. Resistance values available are from 1R0 to 100K, and there are four sizes from 0805 to 2512, with ratings from 0.25 to 2W."

    [Image courtesy of TT ELECTRONICS]

  • Porex Corp. will highlight its solutions in porous plastics, foam, fiber, porous PTFE, Certified Pure Porex, and functionalized porous media at MD&M West 2018 Booth #1539 (Anaheim, CA; Feb. 6-8). These materials can help speed fluid transfer of diagnostics, improve accuracy and purity in liquid handling, and enhance wound management and improve clinical outcomes, the company reported in a press release. 

    For instance, for advanced wound management, MEDISPONGE and SUPERSOFT medical-grade foams are reported to promote faster patient healing, address healthcare-associated bacteria and fungus infections, and play a role in scar management.

    At MD&M West 2018 Porex will launch the new POREX FORTRESS liquid barrier pipette tip filter, an inert and additive-free innovation that prevents aerosols, cross-contamination, and sample carryover. The company will also provide four in-booth presentations that will cover advancements in the areas of diagnostics, liquid handling and wound care:

    • Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 11 a.m. – Unmatched Technologies: Showcasing the full scope of POREX’s cutting-edge materials for enhancing product performance and clinical outcomes.
    • Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 2:30 p.m. –Collection to Detection Diagnostics Solutions: Offering the latest advanced porous materials for diagnostics that speed fluid transfer and improve accuracy.
    • Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 11 a.m. – Liquid Handling Innovation: Premiering the POREX FORTRESS liquid pipette tip filter for sample purity and lab testing assurance.
    • Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 2:30 p.m. – Wound Management Breakthroughs: Offering new concepts in wound care that improve patient comfort and promote faster healing, address infections and manage scars.

    [Image courtesy of POREX CORP.]

  • Dymax Corp. will showcase its solvent-free, USP Class VI, and ISO 10993 biocompatible light-curable MD 215 adhesives formulated with new Encompass technology at MD&M West 2018 Booth #2159. 

    LED-curable at either 385 nm or 405 nm, the Dymax 215-CTH-UR-SC family of products can be used for fast bonding of difficult-to-bond plastic substrates such as specialty catheter devices, the company reported. These adhesives employ the company's Encompass technology, which provides visual cure confirmation through Dymax See-Cure and Ultra-Red fluorescing technologies.

    BlueWave LED Flood curing unit and the MX-150 high-intensity LED spot-curing system can be used to cure these systems. 

    [Image courtesy of DYMAX CORP.]

Daphne Allen

Daphne Allen is editor-in-chief of MD+DI. She previously served as executive editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, which serves as the pharmaceutical and medical device channel of Packaging Digest. Daphne has covered medical device manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and regulatory issues as well as pharmaceutical packaging and labeling for more than 20 years. She is also a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals's Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee. Follow her on Twitter at @daphneallen.


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