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Supplier Stories for the Week of December 8

Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of December 8.

  • Medical device developer and contract manufacturer Medical Murray Inc. hosted an Oct. 24 open house highlighting its new 35,000-sq-ft facility in Charlotte, NC. Attendees had the opportunity to tour the facility and explore the company's new and existing capabilities for catheter fabrication, ePTFE processing, packaging, and more. 

    “I think the open house was a success and provided an excellent networking venue for both new and existing customers,” shared Chris Steadham, general manager of the new facility, in a news release. “We look forward to continuing our support of complex catheters and permanent implants that improve the quality of life for patients.”

    Medical Murray is collaborating with the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to foster growth of the life sciences community in the region including biotechnology research, business, education, and strategic policy, it reported in the release. Personnel from NC Biotech also participated in the open house.

    [Image courtesy of MEDICAL MURRAY]

  • Placon has won three WorldStar awards, one of which was in the Medical & Pharmaceutical category for the ORTHOFIX Medical Tray, shown at top left.

    Previously named a winner in the AmeriStar awards, the ORTHOFIX Medical Tray suspends a set of HA-coated medical device screws to prevent abrasion or rubbing of that critical coating. Placon described the package as "one-of-a-kind that meets a solution for the customer as a result," according to a news release.

    Said Dan Mohs, Placon’s Chairman and CEO, of the recognition: “At Placon, we find that package innovation occurs we when collaborate with our customers. The best packaging becomes an instrument to connect consumers to the intrinsic value of the products they purchase. The WorldStar awards are a wonderful recognition that we enable the connection between consumers and products they buy.”

    The WorldStar awards are given annually by the World Packaging Organization. Placon was also recognized for designs in the Household category (PACLOCK Bi-Fold Clamshell) and in the Food category (HomeFresh Entrée).

    [Image courtesy of PLACON]

  • Analog Microelectronics GmbH offers a new bidirectional differential pressure sensor for ultra low pressures, such as those in the pressure range from -250 Pa (-2.5 mbar) vacuum up to 250 Pa (2.5 mbar) overpressure.  The new AMS 5915-0002-D-B is completely gas-tight and is suitable for ultra low pressure applications in medical instrumentation and other applications.

    Board mounted,  the AMS 5915-0002-D-B is digitally calibrated and linearized and can operate in a temperature range of -25°C to 85 °C. It features a resolution of 14 bit and is suited for system integration with its supply voltage of 3.3 V and I2C interface. It is available in two package variants: in a ceramic DIL package with vertical metal tubes for hose connection or without tubes for O-ring sealing (manifold mount).

    With a reaction time of about 0.5 ms, the sensor is also suitable for fast measurements.


  • Gibraltar Laboratories will officially become Nelson Labs on January 3, 2020, when it will change its name to Nelson Laboratories Fairfield Inc.

    Shortly after Jan. 3, Nelson Laboratories Fairfield will begin using the Nelson Labs name on its registrations, certifications, final reports, quotes, and invoices, and all future documentation will show the Nelson Labs name, it was reported in a news release.

    The name change may require customers to qualify as vendors both Nelson Laboratories Fairfield Inc. and Nelson Laboratories LLC. "Many customers that did not have our parent company, Nelson Laboratories LLC, qualified as a vendor have already started the supplier qualification or requalification processes. Nelson Labs will do all we possibly can to support this activity," the company explained in the release. "Our Quality Department personnel are available to provide information or to help in completing the supplier qualification paperwork and scheduling any needed audits. You can download our Nelson Labs, Fairfield Qualifications Packet here." Updated certificates reflecting the name change can be downloaded here.

    Test reports for all studies conducted at the Fairfield facility will still be available from the Nelson Labs Fairfield Report Server.


  • Trackwise, a manufacturer of products using printed circuit technology and its Improved Harness Technology (IHT), is working to provide greater functionality in smaller and lighter package spaces. Advanced flexible printed circuits (FPCs) can be fed inside a catheter without introducing bulges, and they offer flexing characteristics and significant weight, size, and mechanical strength advantages when compared with traditional wiring techniques, the company reported in a news release.

    “Medical technology is undergoing a fundamental transformation, driven by the IoT and ongoing miniaturization of electronics,” stated Trackwise CEO Philip Johnston in a news release. “Advanced medical instruments such as catheters and scanners require a wide range of high precision, lightweight and cost-effective FPCs. Our ultra-thin FPCs have a unique combination of very fine traces – less than 50μm – but they can be manufactured to any required length. Our commitment to the medical instruments sector is highlighted by our ongoing investments in an upgraded cleanroom and also in a reel-to-reel direct imaging process which is capable of supporting the very high-resolution demands of medical devices”.

    Trackwise recently commissioned Vertical Plating Line employs Industry 4.0 machinery, enabling the company to deliver flexible and rigid printed circuit boards of any length with industry-leading levels of quality, precision, and consistency.

    Trackwise serves customers in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America from its headquarters in Tewkesbury, UK.

    [Image courtesy of TRACKWISE DESIGN PLC] 

  • Consumer healthcare company HRA Pharma recently passed the ISO 13485 audit conducted by the Notified Body DQS-MED. HRA Pharma is committed to the highest level of medical device quality controls, the company explained in a news release. HRA Pharma's offerings include scar and blister care products.

    “Passing the audit was a fantastic achievement and demonstrates that HRA Pharma [is] truly committed in supplying customers with the best quality products," stated Paul Carter, Chief Scientific Officer, in the release. "A lot of work was put in throughout the year across the whole HRA company to define our processes and ensure that we were working in the way the ISO Norm requires.”

    Added David Wright, CEO of HRA Pharma: “HRA Pharma is fast growing and we are aiming to more than double in size by 2022. Passing this audit was hugely important for our future goals and I’m positive we will maintain the high standards we have set.”

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