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MedNet Launches New Tuohy-Borst Adapters and More Supplier News

Here's what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of May 29.

In this week's news from the world of medical device suppliers, MedNet launched three new Tuohy-Borst adapters. The supplier said the solution provides secure closure around catheters and other medical devices wihthout backflow of body fluids. This makes them suitable for a variety of interventional and diagnostic procedures, MedNet said.

The Tuohy-Borst adapters are designed to help reduce blood loss in catheters for applications such as atherectomy, thrombectomy, catheter ablation and external direct access catheter ports. As endoscopy port seals, the Tuohy-Borst adapter helps to prevent fluid or gas loss in endoscopy access ports and could also be used as a laser / RF device access port for varicose and peripheral vein closure.

In addition to the standard Tuohy-Borst adapter (No. 10200007), MedNet also offers an adapter with female luer lock sideport (No. 10200008), and a Tuohy-Borst adapter with 15cm extension line with Female Luer Lock (No. 10200009). All models are available in 9 French (Tuohy-Borst connector) and 3.1mm (male luer lock). The body of the adapter is made of polycarbonate, which ensures high transparency and good impact resistance, according to MedNet.

With the Tuohy Borst Adapter MedNet expands its broad portfolio of valves, which also includes luer activated valves, needleless valves, dual-check valves, pressure Activated valves, and Y-PTCA connectors.

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