Let’s Talk Medtech

Let's Talk About Supply Chain Issues During the Pandemic

Image courtesy of EY IMG_2022-1-21-160948.jpg
EY’s Derron Stark breaks down the supply chain issues in the pharmaceutical industry and talks about some issues plaguing medtech.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges for supply chains worldwide. In some areas, it brought to light previously unseen vulnerabilities, and of course, many organizations have suffered staff shortages and losses due to COVID-19, according to EY. But overall, it has accelerated and magnified problems that already existed in the supply chain.

Derron Stark EY -Parthenon Partner Principal Strategy Transactions stops by Let’s Talk Medtech to discuss how the pharmaceutical industry has been impacted by supply chain woes. He even talks a bit about the medical device industry’s issues. Stark gives tips on how to navigate the supply chain crisis.


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