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Inflexion Private Equity Partners Announces SteriPack Group Buyout

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Inflexion’s acquisition is one of many investments coming from its Buyout Fund VI account, which boasted 28 investments and a €2.5B fund size at close in March.

Recently UK-based private equity firm, Inflexion Private Equity Partners announced the acquisition of global contract manufacturer, SteriPack Group. The buyout will support accelerated growth opportunities for the company, geographical expansion, and enhanced service offerings for its customers.

“This buyout affords us new and significant opportunities to do some very interesting things from an organic perspective that we could not have done before,” said Andrew McLean, CEO of SteriPack. “For example, we want to build organically some new capabilities, and some of those options could not have been executed previously, so we are all very excited by these new and expanded opportunities. Most importantly, all of this will result in an enhanced offering for our customers, so we are delighted about the future prospects.”

SteriPack is a contract manufacturer offering a full suite of integrated product lifecycle solutions.

The company, which serves the medical device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic markets, currently employs more than 650 people from Ireland, Poland, Malaysia, and the U.S., and touts more than 100 clients. Funds from the acquisition, according to the release, will help support the expansion of strong market growth and further international expansion opportunities.

“The staff have seen how our current value proposition and strategy of providing integrated and holistic product life-cycle management services to our customers has resonated so strongly, and has resulted in very strong organic growth,” he said. “The staff are also excited as they know we now have a larger capital base from which to undertake more significant M&A activity, as well as investing in building additional capabilities, along with geographical expansion.”

Infexion is a mid-market private equity firm backing both majority and minority investments, investing typically from €10M to €400M of equity in each deal. The company has offices in London, Manchester, and Amsterdam and invests in a variety of sectors. Currently, the company has funds under management totaling €7.1B.

Infexion’s investment in SteriPack reportedly comes from its “Buyout Fund VI” which closed in March this year with 28 investments and a €2.5B fund size. With support from the company, SteriPack may undertake further acquisitions, having acquired HS Design in February 2021, and Halleck-Willard in October 2021, according to a press release.

“SteriPack has done really well with several acquisitions over the past 18 months, so the goal will be to build on that success by doing additional, larger, and more significant acquisitions that add even more value for our customers,” McLean said. “We have a very clearly defined strategy so now it is down to execution on the M&A front.”


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