July 9, 2003

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Eye-Level Panel Makes Control of Steam Sterilizers Easy

Originally Published MPMN July 2003


Eye-Level Panel Makes Control of Steam Sterilizers Easy


Operators can conveniently access the PSS500 control panel from Primus Sterilizer Company, Inc.

The operator-friendliness of a line of steam-pressure sterilizers from Primus Sterilizer Company, Inc., has been increased with the introduction of a control panel placed at eye level. The PSS500 control panel is placed adjacent to the opening of the sterilization chamber and provides both convenient access to controls and clear visibility of cycle display information. Also featured on the sterilizers so equipped are automatic takeup reels for tidy compact storage of batch reports generated.
The control panel also is available with a serial data port for sending electronic batch-data reports to storage and to
a local PC for viewing. This feature provides an integral history of all cycles and complete associated run data, including cycle settings, run parameters, error messages, and a record of any operator interventions. A management option involving an operator number and personal identification number enables operation to be restricted to only trained and authorized users. 

Primus Sterilizer Company, Inc., 17 S. 25th St., Omaha, NE 68131.

Compact Cartoner Provides High Productivity, Saves Floor Space

A German-built cartoning machine supplied by Technik Packaging Machinery LLC places relatively small medical devices and other products into cartons at speeds up to 60 cartons per minute. Available in vertical and horizontal models, the versatile Carton King cartoner offers this high performance while occupying only 40 ¥ 38 in. of floor space. The compact machine has many features that can benefit packagers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and small device parts.

The cartoner has a rotating turret and modular components that enable it to accommodate a wide range of carton blank sizes, and it easily incorporates such quality control functions as bar code verification. It also offers many options for printing, embossing, labeling, and leaflet insertion. The machine can provide hot-melt or tuck-in closures. Several degrees of automation are available, ranging from semiautomatic hand feeding of product to a fully automated system of product infeed, leaflet insertion, and discharge handling of the completed carton. 

Technik Packaging Machinery LLC, 8141 Technology Dr., Covington, GA 30014.

Sterilization Systems Meet Any Requirement


Quetzal offers complete automated sterilization process tunnels or 
stand-alone sterilization chambers.

The globally oriented sterilization equipment specialist Quetzal International Inc. makes both standard systems and custom-configured processors designed to meet specific application requirements. Sterilization systems employing steam and ethylene oxide are marketed to large- and small-volume medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions.

Complete automated sterilization processing systems, or tunnels, are offered, as well as stand-alone sterilization chambers. All systems are designed to accord with current codes and standards, including those issued by ASME, IEEE, ISO, and NFPA. The company has produced sterilization equipment for 40 years. 

Quetzal International Inc., 116 Village Blvd., Ste. 200, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Fully Servo-Controlled Wrapper Can Handle Difficult Products


The Revolution IP inverted full-servo polywrapper from Campbell Wrapper is designed for difficult-
to-handle products.

An inverted polywrapper available from Campbell Wrapper Corp. is configured to handle a wide variety of products unsuited for a conventional upright horizontal wrapper. 

The completely servo-controlled Revolution IP is designed to transfer products to be wrapped directly onto the film web that is introduced to the film-forming plow from beneath the product infeed conveyor. The modular machine has a sanitary design with cantilevered components. With a standard sealing head, it can operate at speeds up to 200 packages per minute. Machine functions are managed by Allen-Bradley servomotor and drive controllers in combination with a ControlLogix 5000-series programmable logic controller. Servomotors with timing-belt drives to the cutting head, film-feed roll, film tubing section, and infeed conveyor provide reliable operation requiring no maintenance. The electrical system includes UL- and CE-approved touch-safe components and quick-disconnect sensors and actuators.

The user-friendly touch screen interface has fault, production speed, and totalizer displays. As many as 20 stored product records may be retrieved via the touch screen. The machine is quickly and easily adjusted for changeover of product or wrapping material. 

Campbell Wrapper Corp., 1415 Fortune Ave., De Pere, WI 54115.

High-Throughput Bag Sealer Leads Sealing Machine Line

A high-speed industrial bag sealer from Emplex Systems Inc. can seal heavy-duty bags of any style and heat-sealable material at production rates. Made of mostly stainless steel for operation in harsh environments, the MPS 14000 bag sealer features 25 in. of heat and 10 in. of water cooling, and can easily switch among bags of different thickness. The PLC-based machine alternatively can be configured for a variable speed to 1500 in./min to seal any heat-sealable bags in manufacturing environments emphasizing throughput. It comes standard with a removable sealing module that facilitates change out of Teflon bands, cleaning, and maintenance. The user can control each sealing parameter through a touch screen.

The established MPS 6000 series of band sealers from the same manufacturer has meanwhile been upgraded with a new band-tensioning system, and an easily and repeatably installed and removed front-end trimmer. A master/ follower electrical drive system for the conveyor allows more weight to be run through the machine. All sealers are offered with many optional add-ons.

Emplex Systems Inc., 2045 Midland Ave., Toronto, ON M1P 3E2, Canada.

Analyzer Measures Chamber EtO and Water Vapor Simultaneously


An EtO and H2O analyzer from Sensor Electronics monitors EtO and water-vapor levels in sterilization chambers through an entire cycle. 

A sensitive analyzer able to simultaneously measure the levels of ethylene oxide gas and water vapor in sterilization chambers provides real-time readouts of both measurements to satisfy FDA requirements. Offered by Sensor Electronics, the EtO and H2O analyzer reads the levels of these chamber atmosphere constituents separately and concurrently through the entire cycle for a continuous dual overview. It also can determine levels of propylene oxide gas.

In addition, the analyzer can drive remote monitors, plotters, printers, and computers to create a permanent record of conditions inside the sterilization chamber. It uses no mirrors or lenses, and thus experiences no problems relating to dust, dirt, airborne contaminants, or misalignment. The device is impervious to toxic and corrosive atmospheres and temperature and humidity extremes. With self-correcting circuitry, it can work for years without significant adjustment or recalibration. Self-diagnostic capability enables the analyzer to warn the user when an internal problem may develop, and to explain its nature.

Sensor Electronics, 5500 Lincoln Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55436.

Heavy-Duty Pass-Through Sealers Offer Dependability, Customization


Heavy-duty tabletop and floor-standing pass-through sealers are designed to meet demanding flexible packaging needs. 

Packaging Aids Corp. produces a family of heavy-duty tabletop and floor-standing sealers for medical and pharmaceutical applications. This Vertrod/TechnaSeal line of pass-through sealers, recognized for their ruggedness and dependability, 
is available as a complement to the manufacturer's extensive range of sealing machines that are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of medical device and drug industry companies for flexible packaging.

The equipment supplier also specializes in custom engineering, and welcomes the opportunity to work with clients in developing package sealers to fulfill specific packaging needs.

Packaging Aids Corp., 25 Tiburon St., P.O. Box 9144, San Rafael, CA 94912.

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