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Editorial Staff

Omar Ford
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Amanda Pedersen
Senior News Editor
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Katie Hobbins
Managing Editor
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Advertising Sales

Vice President, Medtech Media & Sales
Tim Simone
[email protected]
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Becky Roll
Group Sales Director
[email protected]
(310) 445-3704

Nicole Welter
Sr. Account Director & QMED Business Development
[email protected]
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Jonathan Payami 
Account Manager – New Business
[email protected] 

Paul Whitehouse
Media Sales Manager – East Coast
[email protected]
910 338 6455

Renee Bernabe
Sr. Sales Operations & Directories Manager
[email protected]
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Sharon MacLeod
Sales Operations Specialist/Support
[email protected]
(781) 296-1988

Diana Coulter
Group Sales Manager, Events
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Luke (Hayato) Ishihara
Account Director, Japan
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+81 3436 05683

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