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Spotlight on Pumps and Valves

Multiport Manifold
Halkey RobertsThe MultiPort manifold from Halkey-Roberts Corp. provides a simple way to connect multiple IV fluid delivery systems, including systems of the gravity drip, syringe push, and pump types. to ensure that fluids are delivered to the patient safely, the manifold is designed to offer the safety of a closed system and the convenience and safety characteristic of integrated check valves. this design additionally helps to reduce the clinician's workload. featuring high flow rates, needle-free access, and the manufacturer's special split-septum technology, the manifold has particular application in oncology, anesthesia, and critical-care contexts.
Halkey-Roberts Corp.
St. Petersburg, FL

Gas-sampling pumps
KNF NeubergerLeaktight microminiature gas-sampling diaphragm pumps in the nMP09 series feature enhanced flow repeatability to ensure predictable flow at controlled speeds. KNF Neuberger Inc. has improved these pumps to offer design engineers efficiency, high-accuracy sample delivery, and a long operating life in such applications as IVD systems and anesthesia monitoring equipment. Suitable for both chassis-mount and battery-powered devices, the series provides linear and predictable voltage input relative to flow output, enabling an OEM device to operate slowly and quietly. not only does the design prevent gas from escaping, but it also prevents the introduction of potentially contaminating ambient air. the compact pumps include a stress-optimized structured diaphragm that helps deliver high pneumatic performance. they can operate in any installed position.
KNF Neuberger Inc.
Trenton, NJ

In-line check valve
QosinaA DEHP-free acrylic in-line check valve, stock number 80190, is available from Qosina. The valve has a latex-free silicone diaphragm that allows flow in one direction only; its ability to prevent retrograde flow has been back-pressure tested to 45 psi. With a versatile design that makes it suitable for inclusion in various OEM applications, the component features a thin profile and low priming volume. It also has a white inlet and a clear outlet. The tubing ports measure 0.13 to 0.138 in. OD. cracking pressure ranges from 0 to 0.7 psi.
Edgewood, NY

Valveless pump system
Fluid MeteringA dispensing device has been developed for applications related to the manufacture and assembly of medical catheters, stents, and blood tubes. The Pds-100 programmable fluid metering and dispensing unit from fluid Metering Inc. integrates the manufacturer's patented ceramPump valveless pump technology with precision, programmable drive motor control. The pump head internals are made from chemically resistant, sapphire-hard ceramics, which are suited for dispensing a range of fluids. Typically used in catheter assembly, saline, silicone lubricant, isopropyl alcohol, antibacterial agents, uV-curable adhesives, cyclohexanone solvent, and two-part epoxies are among the fluids that can be used with the pump system. The technology is available in both single and dual pump-head configurations.
Fluid Metering Inc.
Syosset, NY

Poppet valve
ClippardA series of valves offers a bubble-tight design with flow rates of 38 scfm at 50 psig and 67 scfm at 100 psig. The compact two-way and three-way gV valves from Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc. are offered in ¼-in. nPt and 3/8-in. push-quick ports, along with a cartridge-mounted version. the valves have a versatile 15/32-32 nose thread. a variety of buttons and valve actuators can be used with the gV stem-operated valves. the outlet port on the valves can be positioned to any orientation. the valves accept a variety of manual, air-pilot, electrical, or mechanical actuators. stainless-steel stems and springs provide corrosion resistance.
Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

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