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Sony Makes a Play in Medtech

Sony Electronics Sony Makes a Play in Medtech
Supporting up to 4K resolution using existing network infrastructure, Sony's NUCLeUS is designed to provide a streamlined workflow for operating rooms and clinical spaces with direct access to imaging data from an easy-to-use central dashboard.
The multinational gaming and electronics conglomerate scored FDA clearance for an operating room imaging management and collaboration control platform.

The latest multinational conglomerate to level up its medtech presence is none other than the maker of the ever popular PlayStation gaming system. FDA cleared a smart operating room platform developed by Tokyo, Japan-based Sony Electronics.

The company says its NUCLeUS platform supports up to 4K resolution using existing network infrastructure and is designed to streamline workflow for operating rooms and clinical spaces with direct access to imaging data from an easy-to-use central dashboard. The software-based platform is already installed in more than 500 operating rooms in the UK, Belgium, Sweden and other European locations, Sony noted. The technology allows operating room staff to capture and manage video and audio content in near real-time for collaboration and teaching purposes.

“We are eager to put NUCLeUS in the hands of doctors, nurses and OR managers in the U.S. so they can experience first-hand how the platform can dramatically improve surgical collaboration and potentially contribute to better patient outcomes,” said Theresa Alesso, president of Sony Electronics’ Pro division. “With the ongoing development of unique smart applications, NUCLeUS will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the OR.”

The company notes that other benefits of NUCLeUS include:

  • Providing hospitals with a secure, encrypted means of recording, archiving, distributing and managing surgical video and other types of medical imaging and patient data without requiring expensive network infrastructure upgrades
  • A software-based platform that greatly reduces room hardware requirements
  • A fully scalable solution that can be easily extended to serve additional rooms or hospital buildings at any time
  • Smart applications and additional optional features can be added remotely as they are released
  • Support for third-party applications via APIs and a variety of mechanisms and tools
  • Secure HIS integration, fully HL7 and DICOM compliant

Game On, Healthcare

Sony isn't exactly new to the medical scene as it already has a portfolio of medical imaging cameras, surgical monitors, medical-grade video recorders, and even specialized medical printers. But compared to other tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon, the NUCLeUS seems like a significant leveling up for Sony's healthcare presence.

And you'd better believe traditional medtech companies are taking notice and trying to figure out how to co-exist with the above-mentioned companies. The healthcare invasion of Apple and other tech giants has been one of the hottest conversation topics at industry events.

"Anybody here who thinks Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft are not going to be in healthcare..." Dave Albert, MD, founder and chief medical officer at Alivecor, said during a fireside chat at MD&M Minneapolis 2019 with Omron Healthcare CEO Ranndy Kellogg and MD+DI Editor-in-Chief Daphne Allen. "Apple's after-tax profit is twice as much as Medtronic's revenue and Medtronic is the biggest [pure play] company in the medical device business. So the scale of those businesses ... they have unlimited resources."

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